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  1. Simon9one

    Gun Lovers

    Yeah...if Indiana Jones comes into my house he can take everything I own.
  2. Simon9one

    Gun Lovers

    Duanester, you are far from old school. If anyone comes into my place, they'll be met by a man with a medieval longsword in one hand and a french army sabre in another. Or possibly a bow and arrow. I've got a few of those too.
  3. Simon9one

    Algae in the Tubes...

    Maybe I could just put some algae-eating fish in the coolant loop....
  4. Simon9one

    Algae in the Tubes...

    That would be helpful...if it weren't for the big windows on both sides of my case.
  5. Simon9one

    Algae in the Tubes...

    I've probably got a crappier system than the both of you.
  6. Simon9one

    Algae in the Tubes...

    I got a giggle... I'll have to pick up something along those lines...thanks!
  7. Simon9one

    Algae in the Tubes...

    I've sunk too much money into it at this point, and an air cooler with close to the same performance would be even more.
  8. ...Not fun to deal with, especially with school starting soon. I guess that's what I get for not putting enough antifreeze in my mix. Let this be a warning to all of you with water-cooled PCs.
  9. Simon9one

    Smart Defrag From IOBIT

    I used it in beta long ago, and found it to be an excellent program. I like my JKDefrag though.
  10. Simon9one

    CompUSA is Back

    I'm in the same situation. The ones here usually have poor selection, and are overpriced beyond the point where I can justify buying.
  11. Simon9one

    CompUSA is Back

    I hope they set back up in St. Louis.
  12. http://www.castlecops.com/ A sad day for Malware Fighters everywhere... And right when I was analyzing a HijackThis log too. Without the CastleCops databases, it's going to be a lot harder...
  13. Simon9one

    Birthday suggestion

    Birthday emails have brought me back to a few sites I hadn't touched for a good part of a year. Certainly, it would be a great idea for the pit.
  14. Simon9one

    Two Word Association Game

    Doppler gaydar