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  1. Hey Thanks for the detailed notes on virus. These days spyware is equally dangerous. So why not share some exclusive information on spyware too.
  2. Trend Micro is OK but for full protection of my PC, I would go with Kaspersky AV and Malwarebytes Anti Spyware. This combination is really the BEST.
  3. Earlier I used to run my PC with 190.62 drivers but after a suggestion given by my a PC security expert I changed it to 185 drivers. Now I'm pretty happy to take that decision.
  4. Instead of traditional static web pages, go with wordpress blogging platform. First get a web hosting account from BlueHost, then you will be awarded a domain free of cost. Then by using a fantastico one click option, install the blog. It is SEO friendly and you don't need to worry about html and other things. Just write your content and publish it.
  5. I would go with bluehost as it is very affordable. Moreover features wise it is standard too.
  6. The site looks EXCELLENT in content. If you are very particular about the blog appearance, I would advice you to get a wordpress blog instead of blogspot.
  7. I think you can contact the DOMAIN REGISTER and explain the situation. If you can prove that you are the owner of the domain, then surely you can get it back very easily.
  8. Why not better avoid those websites! Google is far better when compared to Yahoo. Out of every 10 results, 1 see a harmful site in Yahoo search.
  9. Instead of sub-domains, get sub-folders. The search engines are treating sub-domains as separate websites. While naming the folder, don't consider too much lengthy names.
  10. Even without Macromedia Dreamweaver, you can design the websites. But if you have money with you I would suggest you to get that and use its features. It's a user-friendly software too.
  11. I would suggest you to go with 5 posts instead of 10.
  12. Why to look for FREE, get the best protection for your PC with KASPERSKY. Free ones doesn't support real time protection.
  13. If free go for Avast! 4 Free otherwise KASPERSKY is simply THE BEST
  14. Usability is a good criteria that most of the web designers forget to implement. Thanks for sharing them.
  15. Why do u need it? For a good amount, you can have dedicated server. Why not try it?
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