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    need some help with bluescreen error

    thanks , I will try it next time it happens. I have not installed anything new, that's why I'm at a loss to why it's happening. any time I install new hardware , or software I create a restore point , just in case this kind of thing happens. I've used the computer , turning it on/off a handful of times now, and it hasn't done it again yet.
  2. I have an ASUS N82J laptop, running dual boot linux mint and windows 7. it runs fine on the linux partition, but lately it crashes randomly when I'm using windows 7. The blue screen error is indicating some sort of driver error. I haven't installed any new hardware , and its not doing it all the time, so I'm a bit perplexed. can someone lend a hand trying to pinpoint the issue , please. I've attached a photo of the error msg I'm getting. How should I go about resolving this? as stated above, linux partition runs without any issues, so I assume all the hardware is functioning properly and it's a windows driver problem. and , the fact that it doesn't do it all the time makes it even more confusing.
  3. tried all the methods suggested , still no luck. Done wasting time on this piece of junk. Time to return it the the owner , and tell her it's time for the garbage, lol. Thanks for trying , guys , can't win 'em all!
  4. still no luck with this piece of junk. Here's a link to a video I posted so you guys could see exactly what's happening with it. not much different than what I've described, but hopefully someone may spot something that will give me some clue as to why I can't get it to boot to the android logo so I can do the factory re-set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugQc7sWwSPI I was also wondering, do you guys think the home button would even register when I'm pressing it , since it's not an actual button, like the volume button or the power button. I did see a tutorial on youtube where the guy looked like he was able to re-install the original FW , but the video was in spanish ( at least I think it was spanish, lol) the uploader's name is Deimer Vasquez, and his video just happens to show after the one I uploaded. Anyone speak spanish , and could translate what he's saying for me?
  5. lol, it doesn't actually belong to me, someone I know asked me to try to fix it for her kid. thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that didn't work. When I do what you suggested , the only thing that happens is the red power light comes on and stays on. If I just hold the power button alone it boots to the Blu logo and then it just hangs there. BTW, how long would you need to hold the buttons? I just want to make sure I held it long enough. I waited for quite a while, though. Maybe close to a minute before I figured it wasn't going to work.
  6. I have a tablet like this one , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF2f1ZYnTzY when I press the power button , it gets to the boot screen , but gets stuck on the Blu logo and won't go any further. I've tried all the reset methods I could find suggested on youtube, to no avail. There was one youtuber which posted a tutorial on how to reset using a tool called android multi-tool, but the computer doesn't recognize the tablet , just says no device found when I try to use it. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to boot this tablet from the micro SD card , if I could get the FW for it. I suspect the OS is currupted , but I don't know how to go about re-installing the original OS. If you think you've got a solution for this one, please let me know , I'm running out of things to try.
  7. I finally got it working. I did a reset to factory default , as you suggested ( I had tried this already , but I gave it another go and this time it seemed to have re-set , whereas the first time I did it nothing happened) , this time holding the button down for a bit longer. when I read your post about previous owner , I kinda ruled it out since I bought the unit brand new. After scrutinizing the packaging a little more , it does look like they sold me a unit that had been used and returned to the store and put back on the shelf.
  8. , checked every single tab on the page when I logged in to the router. I still didn't see it anywhere.
  9. where should I look to find the network key?
  10. I don't recall getting an encryption key. When I'm downstairs , closer to the router , I can connect without using any passwords.
  11. I can see it , dlink_EXT , but it's not asking for a username and password , just a password. here's a screenshot of the box that comes up when it asks for the password. the router is a DIR-600 , I can't access it from the browser
  12. I recently picked up a netgear universal wifi extender , WN3000RP , but I can't connect to the internet with it because it keeps asking me for a password. I tried what the manual suggested , using the default password , 'password' , but that didn't work. The router, which the wifi extender is boosting , doesn't have a password so I can't see why it's asking me for one. Does anyone have any experience with this particular unit? Here's the user manual for the unit I bought. http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/WN3000RP/Documentation/IG/WN3000RP_IG_12SEPT2011.pdf The extender is connected to the router , I can see it on the list of wireless networks when I check it. BTW, i'm using a D-link router, if that is relevant.
  13. Sanford

    dell vostro 200 won't boot up

    ok, that's good then , I'm only getting the one beep and no repeat.I didn't overclock it , I'll ask my brother about it (it's his pc) , but I'm almost certain he didn't do it , unless he got someone else to do it for him.I'll go into the BIOS settings and see if I can see anything that looks like it could be set wrong. I don't think it's the battery , as I just replaced it.
  14. Sanford

    dell vostro 200 won't boot up

    hey Terry, I was wondering if you had any idea why the computer is doing this. http://youtu.be/UAclCFmOTts it starts up ok after the third cycle , but I don't understand why it keeps starting and shutting down each time before it actually boots. from the earlier post you made , it states 1 beep is a BIOS checksum failure. Would that be the cause of this? I did see a msg about BIOS checksum failure after initially changing the battery, but after re-starting again I didn't see the message again. And subsequent starts haven't shown the error again.
  15. Sanford

    dell vostro 200 won't boot up

    sorry , it's actually 4 beeps. thanks terry , changed the battery and it started.