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  1. dickster

    CB passed away

    Haven't been here in a while. This is the first I've heard about Roger passing. Very sad news. I'm happy I had the chance meet him. RIP Roger.
  2. dickster

    Well now...

    Like this?
  3. dickster

    Well now...

    Not sure how to put up an image from my pc.
  4. dickster

    Well now...

    Was great to finally meet a long time forum friend and his better half. Roger and Karen are very nice people that I hope to get to know better. Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be by your place soon.
  5. The Corsair water cooler on my best folding rig goes out. Down for now until I get a new cooler.
  6. dickster


    Back up and folding on a couple rigs, but doubt I'll get back to where I was. On all linux now with AMD vid cards. Seems AMD isn't putting out decent drivers for Linux, and I'm not going to buy the high priced nvidia cards just for folding. So PPD is going to suffer.
  7. dickster

    Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card

    That's the problem. AMD doesn't do well folding with the drivers that are out there. And they aren't interested in putting better drivers out for linux. Looks like my PPD is going to be way down from now on since I'm not going back to windows or buying an nvidia card.
  8. dickster

    Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card

    This card was doing good on Win10. Judging by what I see so far, I'll be lucky to get 10k PPD with linux. But NOT going back to M$.
  9. dickster

    Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card

    Ok, thanks for trying, terry. Went backwards to Mint 17.2 and was able to install the Catalyst 14.9 drivers. Now folding, but waiting to see what PPD I can get from this.
  10. dickster

    Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card

    Didn't work for some reason. I may be stuck waiting for them to come out with decent drivers for my card.
  11. dickster

    Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card

    Don't know if I can get folding@home to run on the default driver. That's the only reason I'm trying to get AMDs drivers.
  12. Running into all kinds of problems. Anyone have a simple how-to to get the AMD drivers installed? Mint 18 Sonya
  13. dickster

    Win10 boots to black screen w/curser

    Well, M$ and I both won. It beat me on fixing this OS, and I won by now installing Linux Mint on the pc. No more M$ crap for me. If I need something windows, I'll run a virtualbox with windows.
  14. dickster

    Win10 boots to black screen w/curser

    Didn't help terry. Tried the WIN+P and down arrow but nothing happened. Ran through the steps on that link, but again, no change. Ok, I've created 2 new user accounts. Both of these also boot to the black screen so it's not something in the original user settings. I'm lost now. I can boot to safe mode, but not normal. Going to keep trying for a bit, but getting closer to the time she gets to learn linux.
  15. Running Win10 on a home built desktop. Been working fine for over a year for my wife. (I run a linux box) As of yesterday morning it boots to a black screen. I know it's booted up because I've gotten Panda and Malwarebytes nag boxes to upgrade. Nothing I've done seems to help. Followed all the tips I could find googling the problem. Uninstalled the graphics drivers in device manager in safe mode and rebooted No change. Tried another graphics card with the same results. Did a system restore to yesterday (only option) but didn't help. Ran SFC with no issues found. Can't go to display settings in safe mode to see screen resolution or wallpaper. I'm at the end of my ideas. Any you might have? Would be much appreciated!