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  1. mcgr75

    The 5000+ Club

    if i cheat and use the beta test i am in the 5000 club, if using regular test only in 4000 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=1RSSTWV4MDGS41GG
  2. mcgr75

    Add an item to the Send To menu

    Nice tip for copying, can one add Move to as well ?
  3. mcgr75

    Seems strange, but.....

    i think djsilver meant a task process viewer, not a viewer like WMP or VLC IMHO
  4. mcgr75

    One For mp3 User's

    no, i usually use winamp pro, can play direct from the zen straight into it, which i couldnt do before
  5. mcgr75

    One For mp3 User's

    same kinf of probs here with my Creative Zen Touch 40 GB, but upgraded to wmp 11 beta, and detected straight away, can now even use autoupdate oin the creative page, which i couldnt before
  6. mcgr75

    The 10 Commandments of internet

    THat was excellent, and the follow ups had me in stitches, thanks guys, just what i needed whilst at work
  7. mcgr75

    Gateway wont reformat

    lol, well done for your patience there
  8. mcgr75

    Member Map

    ok i added me to the map
  9. mcgr75

    Slow Graphics results

    Thanks Hawk, i guess just that test, cos when playing F.E.A.R. I am getting over 70 FPS with all effects turned on
  10. mcgr75

    Slow Graphics results

    ok tried changing to best performance, updated driver to newest one out, and have seen some increase. My New Test Thanks for your help Hawk, i guess the pit doesnt like my card i dont think with this card i will be buying a new one anytime soon
  11. I wonder if anybody could advise please. I just ran the test and my graphics is running seriously slow, when compard to other graphics cards on the Best video results for similar PCs section Any ideas? My Test