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  1. Yes certainly a change from yesterday. It's been slow here all today and tonight. It's about 7:17PM here now. Been since about 3:00 that I know of. Oh well.
  2. shogan191


    Do you think the Spybot is safe if you only remove what is automatically checked by the program itself.
  3. Did Microsoft update get hit or what? When I go there it says there are no updates for my machine. I know that's incorrect as there are at least 10 critical updates that I haven't installed on this new configuration, not to mention the drivers. Any ideas?
  4. With dial up, you can use your computer while you do other things. Like cook. Vaccuum and stuff. With cable other activities kind of stop. No time to polish shoes or anything.
  5. Kind of like the page button on the left like it is here also. Better than a listing of pages on the right and the actual botton on the right.
  6. Complaining seems to be the new American hobby. I've gotten so good at it that my friends and family only call me in when its really important to complain. I'm kinda the clean up complainer.
  7. Ah oh.... things have started to slow down here this evening. It's about 9:12 pm where I am here in Florida. hummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hope it s not from the slightly increased traffic.
  8. Thanks. That was very helpful. Hey volt it's a minigreen.
  9. HI all... got a " do not have permission to reply to " on my first attempt after signing on. Second attempt went to post page fine. Comcast cable...1100-1500down and 128 up. :music:
  10. Hey Ax what is the phpbb part of the site? Or I guess I am trying to figure what part of the current pitstop site is running fine. Do you mean that the testing pages are running fine? Sorry for my lack of understanding.
  11. What's with the internet worm I've seen reference to. Any info appreciated. Man this new place is great.
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    Yeah seems like a good feature to me too. Might cause a little off topic confusion though.
  13. Just trying things out. Man I hope that what I find sofar is a glimpse into the future.
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