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  1. shogan191

    CB my friend.

    Very sad. Rest in peace Sir.
  2. Are you sure this works. I don't see any smoke.
  3. shogan191

    caintry boy

    Hey Caintry_Boy Dave was just telling me about you and your wifes ordeal... Sure hope things are healing up for you. I think you need some good juju to get rid of all the stuff going. You haven't been digging in any Indian burial grounds have you? Thanking about you guys... All my best.
  4. Hey just checking things out after the forum migration. Seems to be working well. just saying hi. Hi.
  5. shogan191

    Happy Birthday shogan!

    ahahaha,,, great welcome back from my Birthday Vacation... Hard to believe how long we've been friends here. Thank you pals.
  6. shogan191

    Internet Speed Test

    Hey Caintry how you doing? I'll see what I can find out.
  7. shogan191

    Is Intratech still around?

    I'm good..Been....getting old... Takes a lot of time to do that. LOL. OneCool it's so cool to see you and everyone here after having not posted for so long. I'm like frickin 70 now... hahaha.
  8. shogan191

    Supershield Icon - Red

    And all was right in the world. Hey IG.
  9. shogan191


    Hey nigsy, good call. mjhaider, welcome to the forums. Your positive attitude will be a big help in our user to user Help Forums.
  10. There is about a 10% difference between the first 2 computers. The operating system and the architecture of the CPUs is enough to explain that. Keep in mind that the OverDrive scan is a comparison of your computers to all the others tested. OverDrive is not a benchmark although there are benchmarks in the scan. I suggest looking at the specific differences the in memory and CPU.
  11. shogan191

    Windows 10 turned off SS

    It seems Microsoft is making it as hard as possible for other vendors and their own customers by manhandling "your" computer. Keep fighting the good fight.
  12. shogan191

    Is Intratech still around?

    Talk about a flash from the past. LOL
  13. shogan191

    What's the point of anonymous signin?

    Anonymous Sign-In allows you to see the forums and your account without others others knowing you're whereabouts. It's been a while since I've spent time on the forums but has something changed about that?
  14. We are both working on this now. The issue should be completely resolved very shortly. Thanks for your patience guys.