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  1. Just a final followup. I did decide to purchase Optimize 2 and it seems to have helped some.
  2. Bill received my report and was able to confirm the optimize>reminder.exe still remains. Cannot get rid of it. After reinstalling WinPatrol I was able to disable the file.
  3. Sent Bill file but have not got any feedback yet. I did uninstall WinPatrol and reinstall. It now allows me to disable optimize>Reminder.exe and it keeps it disabled so it cannot start. Before, it kept coming back and I could not keep it disabled.
  4. Thank you, Bill. I will send attachment via email.
  5. Sounds good, but the facts point to otherwise. I uninstalled, made sure there was nothing in progaram files>PC Pitstop. Folder deleted.Did a search on c drive for Register.exe and could not find it. However, Win Patrole keeps poping up saying C>Program Files>PC Pitstop>Optimize2>Remove.exe is in startup programs.
  6. I did the scan test. Decided not to purchase at this time. Uninstalled. My Winpatrol keeps telling me reminder.exe from Optimize is still running. I cannot get rid of it. What kind of software are these people selling. Very annoying. WiPatrol keeps popping up saying a new startup program has been detected. Program Files\PCPitstop\Optimize2\reminder.exe. I think I will never download anything else from here.
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