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  1. well... I don't use PCMatic. Perhaps I'll try Advanced SystemCare again. Used to run it until they got caught with helping themselves to Intellectual property back in 2009. I guess I should end my boycott and transfer it over to CCleaner (never thought I would be saying those words)
  2. geewhiz


    It's likely that I'll never believe anything you post again. Just sayin...
  3. geewhiz

    Happy Birthday kd5

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day
  4. geewhiz

    Happy Birthday geewhiz

    Thanks everyone!
  5. geewhiz

    Media Player.

    I know that VLC is a good one http://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-media-player
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    Sunday funnies........

    ...works for me...