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  1. Windows 10 issues

    I think I spoke too soon, it seems slow when I turn it on then when I start to use it, it freezes. After I reboot, it's okay there rest of the day.
  2. Windows 10 issues

    I uninstalled CCleaner and installed Malwarebytes. Computer didn't freeze. Thank you.
  3. Windows 10 issues

    Hey all. I'm having some freezing issues with my Windows 10 HP computer. I've had this computer for two years and as of late it seems to freeze after I boot it up. Once I turn it on, it will be fine but then after I use CCleaner to clean it, sometimes it would freeze then I reboot it and it's fine. Even though sometimes after I use it or just before I am about to open it, it freezes then. The last two times I've had a scan disk error and it gets repaired when that notification comes up. After I do a reboot, it runs fine the rest of the day until I turn it off for the night. It is updated so I'm wondering if maybe there is a bad update that I need to delete?
  4. Hey.. I was away from the computer when I got back to it and the screen was black. I'm wondering if there was an update done and has messed things up. I turned the computer off and turned it back on but it seems like it's just loading now. The cursor does show up though. Ideas?
  5. Wiping Hard Drive

    Yes,I am recycling the laptop and I cannot seem to get to take the hard drive out because the screws are messed up but I don't think anyone uses XP anymore. Thank you.
  6. Wiping Hard Drive

    I have an old Toshiba XP laptop I got from my sister who borrowed it, I wanted to get it back to make sure that I can wipe the drive. Is there a free hard drive wiper I can use to delete everything so I can recycle the laptop? Or maybe I should go to Best Buy to buy one? I tried to format the hard drive but It wouldn't let me, I guess it knows I want to wipe it. Any suggestions?
  7. Wireless issue

    Okay, i changed the WPA2 to WPA2 Personal and hopefully it will fix any issues. Got a new modem that is supposed to be faster but I have to admit, lately, it doesn't seem like it so I wanted to see if maybe I can fix something with the router. The website password, I had it on file and tried it and it worked. Thanks.
  8. Wireless issue

    The make is Linksys and model is WRT54gs. I'm pretty sure I have had it after 2003 but I will check the settings. Thanks. EDIT: I do need to change the password to it anyways, it's too long. LOL
  9. I've had this wireless router for years and it seems for my mom, the internet is not connected. When I checked the settings for the ipad, It is connected, the lock is there but under the name of the wireless network it says security recommendation. When I click it, it says weak security. WPA is not considered secure. Configure your router to use WPA2 Personal (AES) security type for this network. It says this on her phone as well as mine. I use the Macbook but it shows the lock and I'm not sure how to check to see if it's secure. How do I check the router make sure it is secure? Maybe I need a new router? Had it for years.
  10. McAfee removal tool

  11. McAfee removal tool

    For my birthday I got Windows 10 and uninstalled McAfee but had issues with logging into Norton. Since my subscription for Avast on the Macbook hasn't expired, I downloaded that to the PC. I want to make sure McAfee is totally gone and know Norton had a removal tool but would that work even if I have Avast?
  12. Windows Update Issues

    Okay, thought I'd ask first.
  13. Windows Update Issues

    I'm going to ask here since this is about the windows updates, I have checked out old installed updates, is it safe to delete them? Some are from 2011.
  14. Refurb PC won't update Windows

    Maybe there isn't SP2 in Windows 7. I thought it would be in it already as to SP1. EDIT: I can just do 1 update that will seem to be downloading for hours but maybe I need to be more patient?
  15. Refurb PC won't update Windows

    Will it be okay if I have SP2 or do I need to download SP1?