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  1. I am going from Mac laptop to Windows PC. How can I transfer my HDD pgms across? Much Thanks
  2. I had my PC go dead on me due to one of the memory cards packing up. have replaced the faulty memory but now the desktop icons are not responding and I get the following msg when I click on them......"The file does not have a pgm associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel. The other thing all the options when I hit "start" ie. Control Panel, "My Computer" etc are also not responding! I'm running WinXP Pro. Many Thanks Wadjet
  3. Much thanks everyone for all your help and sugestions. I am pleased to say that after re-loading the sound card software the problem appears to have disappeared. Ray
  4. Cabling,plugs and speaker separation are all fine. No mics connected and the volume tab settings and speaker volume control on the speakers are all nominal. Unless it is something else we haven't considered then the only other possibility is that the speakers are faulty. Are there not some other settings in windows that could be causing this? Reason I ask is because the sound is very uniform and regular like a Sine wave! Any other ideas? Ray
  5. Thanks everyone I will double check the connections and will try separating the speakers. However I think this is a ling shot as this noise only started all of a sudden; prior to that the evrything worked fine. Yes this "wailing" noise is there all the time, as soon as I switch the speakers on the noise begins Ray
  6. I have no mics or any other inputs to the pc, so it must be some setting somewhere? What do you think? ray
  7. I get this wailing sound almost like an alarm coming through my speakers everytime I switch them on. This even happens when I play an audio cd or a data cd Can someone help me before I do a Van Gogh
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