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  1. Brandon, there are posts on the Kompozer website which evidence that Kompozer has accepted publishing issues. You know about that ?
  2. Well, I opened my existing site in it and it was all over the place . To be fair though the site was built in Frontpage, so I'll have to start from scratch with Kompozer to make a fair appraisal.
  3. OK, sorted. All I had to do was go to the 'service.lck' file in the website's '_vti_pvt ' folder and uncheck the 'read only' box. My Frontpage is still headed for the dumpster, however. Three days to reinstate my website is three days too long.
  4. When I use the 'Open with..' option on the 'index.html' file in the website folder and select Frontpage I get the following message; Server Error: Cannot open file "service.lck" for writing. Any clues ?
  5. OK Brandon, cheers, I'm looking at that now. I'll be back.
  6. No. It's a pretty big site and I wouldn't know where to start really. Why the dumb Frontpage thing can't just open the saved site must be typical of it and the reason so many people think it's trash software. I'm on the verge of digging out my ancient copy of Deamweaver and learning how to use that instead. It would be nice though to be able to update my existing site with Frontpage while I'm learning.
  7. I recently reformatted my C drive, saving my website to my E drive beforehand. I reinstalled, including Frontpage, but Frontpage won't open my saved website for editing now that I've copied it back to the 'My Webs' folder. Where'd I go wrong ?
  8. Wow, no more 98Se, that's sad. Still, look on the bright side. The last reason ever to load Internut Exploder on your 9x box just got FRIED !! Yay !!!
  9. I've tried reinstalling, no good. I've just posted a question to Gigabyte tech.
  10. What would cause this behaviour ? One instance of the controller will not load if there is anything plugged into the mobo USB ports on boot. Anybody experienced this ?
  11. No Dave, it's a new system. It sails through the initial checks, including 'sending to Pitstop' then starts on 'Checking Add/Remove...' but freezes. I'll try it again now. Nope. 'Checking Add/Remove Programs List O... ' is where it dies. No messages. Not so much as a 'Sorry moon, your compensatory cheque is in the post'.
  12. Yeah, you could call him a 'volunteer', I suppose. I'm returning his garden gnomes, unharmed , on Saturday. OK, I'll do that.
  13. Well, he ended up diagnosing a faulty Linksys Gateway and he was right. I put in a new Linksys 4 port Gigabit router and all is tiny bikinis. For back-up I got a Gigabit PCI card which I was going to circumnavigate the new mobo with , if necessary. As it isn't necessary I'm wondering if I could put that into my elderly Win98SE box instead of its 10/100 ethernet card ? Then all three machines would be Gigabit.
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