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  1. danielos

    8.04 bug thread

    Runs well on my desktop. Runs good on the laptop too.. except it has the same strange suspend issues every once in a while like it did with hardy heron.
  2. linux computer: windows computer: laptop:
  3. laptop has been the same for awhile now: http://danielosullivan.com/1_20_08.JPG new desktop with vista: http://danielosullivan.com/1-20-08.jpg old desktop with ubuntu gusty gibbon: http://danielosullivan.com/12008.png
  4. Not at the moment, I'd say. Leopard is about to come out. I don't know if that imac will be able to run it, but I'm betting it will be able to. edit: just looked it up, your imac will able to run it. OS X leopard comes out in october.
  5. my current desktop: http://danielosullivan.com/screenshot.JPG
  6. What were the specs on this? On my laptop (2ghz pentium m, 1gb ram,80gb hard drive), I've ran xp pro, suse linux, and ubuntu linux. Ubuntu ran the fastest for me it seemed, but it wasn't that much faster than xp pro. They both seem to boot up in about the same time also. However, neither can match the bootup time of a mac. OS X starts up incredibly fast.
  7. david bowie's album, the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars
  8. Are you serious? Yeah, you have to make a "real effort". adding in the word "mac" to your google search. It's really easy to find mac software; it sounds like you're trying to find windows programs you are used to for the mac. The powermac g5 and the mac pro are extremely easy to open. Same for the powermac g4, g3, etc. The only ones that are harder to open are because of their form factor.. But you're able to open pretty much all of them except the notebooks, and you're able to upgrade the ram, hard drives, etc.
  9. ... as long as you paid $250 or more for applecare. Any other industries? Those don't require a mac. You can run adobe indesign on a mac or pc. While the mac has final cut pro, the pc has sony vegas, adobe premiere pro, etc. photoshop runs on both operating systems..
  10. I tried out mac os x for a month, and it seemed crappy on there too.
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