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  1. I believe that I have the solution to running the PC Pitstop tests with IE 6 running on Win 98SE. I have tried this out with two computers and obtained identical results. I do not have a machine running ME so I cannot say if the solution works for ME, too. However, given the similarity between 98SE and ME, I would suspect it would work. Perhaps someone could try it and let us know. The Problem – A computer running IE6 on Win 98SE that has been updated with all the latest MS updates will not run the PC Pitstop tests and reports that ActiveX is not supported. It will not load the PC Pitstop ActiveX control. The Solution – As has been mentioned in several other posts on this forum the problem is MS update KB912812. The solution is to remove this update (temporarily). To do this, open the Control Panel and double-click on Add/Remove Programs. A small problem is the update is not listed under KB912812. It is listed as, “Internet Explorer Q912812”. Select this item and then click on Add/Remove to de-install it. You need to perform a re-boot to complete the removal. Then open IE6 and sign on to PC Pitstop. You should find that if you try Check ActiveX that you find all is well. You should then be able to run the Full Tests and XP Readiness without any problems. I was able to do this on a Toshiba 2180CDT laptop and a Dell Web PC. The Surprise – Since KB912812 is considered an essential security update, I didn’t want to not have it installed on my computers. Therefore, after running the PC Pitstop tests, I logged on to Windows Update and re-installed KB912812 once again. I expected that this would then mean that I would be unable to run the PC Pitstop tests unless I again remove the update. The surprise is that I was able to run all the PC Pitstop tests with KB912812 installed. I tested this several times, rebooting the computer in between tests. What is going on – I can’t say for sure. However, this result is not inconsistent with other information. For instance, the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for IE 6 is an ActiveX control. I installed it long before I installed update KB912812 and I never had a problem with it. So, removing the update, installing the PC Pitstop ActiveX, then re-installing the update and having things work properly is consistent. I suspect that if I wanted to install another facility that used an ActiveX control, I would have the same problem. I would have to remove KB912812, install the ActiveX and then re-install KB912812. In fact I proved this point. I had previously tried to load the Yahoo Toolbar with Anti-Spy. While I was able to install the toolbar, I was unable to install Anti-Spy because it uses an Active X control. When I deleted KB912812, I then was able to install Anti-Spy. After re-installing KB912812, it continued to work properly. As to the reason behind this, that answer requires someone with much more knowledge of IE 6 and what MS did in KB912812 than I possess. I hope the information in this post is helpful.
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