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  1. well i bought the new m/b ( gigabyte GA-KA8NS )and all went well. now i find that my new ati radeon X1800 XT wont fit in the slot for the vid card. I searched all over newegg and even called them and they said this wont work with my M/B that i need a 16 socket?? Boy I'm so confused. do i need to buy a new M/B for my ati to fit. Do they even make one for a 754 processor. .. Thanks , any help would be appreciated
  2. thanks everyone for the quick help. I just ordered the mb from newegg. diver
  3. I messed up my old motherboard i think by changing bios and cant fix it.. im now using my old pc. this is a copy of old pc that i need motherboard for System AMD Athlon64 3400+, 2467 MHz Memory 1280MB RAM Disk Drives C, F, G Video NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Internet MSIE 6.0; SV1 Windows Windows XP SP2 Security Compare the old board is a asus K8N-E delux and this is the processor thats in it AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Newcastle 1600MHz HT Socket 754 Processor I want to buy this new board but not sure if my processor will fit it. Gigabyte GA-K8NS Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce3 250 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail Model#: GA-K8NS Item#: N82E16813128259 Im a older person that has very little pc knowledge . all i have learned is on my own and asking others. any help that any one could give me would be greatly appreciated. I use this pc mainly to play games like battlefield and quake 3 thanks Diver Moderator , if i posted this in wrong area i apologize thanks
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