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  1. Good to see you too Caintry boy and Jacee.
  2. Thanks nigsy, got into my old account. Hi Y kawika, how are you?
  3. I think you'll find performance increased as drivers and newer profiles are developed. Very cutting edge stuff. In addition, this will open a door to phone and tablets using flash drives for cache, there by increasing thier performance as well. X_C
  4. Hi Y Kawaki, it's been a very very long time! Been well I hope?
  5. Improve performance using SSD drives as cache: Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) SSD Caching Featuring Gigabyte NCIX Tech Tips video by NCIX.com X_C
  6. Who NCIX, yes if thats what you meant. We have been friends for over 10 years. Was there something you needed from them?
  7. Glad to see NCIX get posted, known them for many years and they are good people. Might want to add their US store too: http://www.ncixus.com/ And just a selfish post, my two software stores: http://www.xtremecomputersoftware.com and http://www.downloadsoftwareuniverse.com Cheers! X_C
  8. Yup, I had one of those too, that was a great rig. Ah, the good ol days.
  9. myalbumbank.com was down for a couple of days due to updates. Sorry if this created any inconvenience. All up and running again. Cheers! X_C
  10. Just looked and the script for the images is scripted like the person is viewing the letter on your website rather than on an email. Eg: src="index_folder/image1.jpg should say: src= "http://www.yourwebsite.com/image1.jpg X_C
  11. No no, I no longer have enough time to spend tweaking my system to take on I _G's scores. Just buying new stuff for a new system so I'm curious as to it's potential
  12. So what is your best test to date I_G?
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