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  1. If I remember right, it took about 2 minutes to upload and receive a work unit on dial-up. I never let it dial out, I always connected manually. Just let it do it's thing when you are on the net.You can let it fold until it finishes the w/u, then shut folding down until the next time you go online.Then re-start it and it will up/download,and your off. If you use the text only console you can have up to 8 instances of folding on your computer. Run them one at a time,when one finishes,close it and start the next,and so on.You can turn them all in at once. I just looked up and seen that I've gotten carried away again. Try it, if you like it,we'll get you all set up..
  2. Disconnect the hard drive and see if the bios still comes up? Better yet,if you have a spare h/d try it with that first.
  3. Is there an fcc id number? This is kind of what I mean. http://www.driverzone.com/fcc_id_search.htm I go to driverguide.com or google, but this may help.
  4. What kind of proprietary information do you mean? Operating system? Or do you mean BIOS settings?
  5. Please excuse my stupidity, instead of "\DkIcon" it should have been :\DkLite". (microsoft common console document) I was thinking maybe you had a bad/corrupted shortcut. The backweb lite most likely popped up in your search because of the lite ending.It comes bundled with some software,camera and hard drive mostly I think,and is usually tagged as spyware.I wouldn't delete it, let adaware and spybot take care of it.That way you can restore it if need be.
  6. Have you tried going thru: C\program files\executive software\diskeeper lite\DkIcon, to start it up?
  7. I read this last year(yes I do read) and thought it was interesting, so I bookmarked it. Does make some sense. http://forums.macrumors.com/archive/topic/32579-1.html
  8. Folding cured polio? Cool. Where can I find some books to read about that.
  9. Tinkers might not be so bad now, some look to be worth the time. Badbob posted this earlier. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...ST&f=20&t=48391
  10. Great! I'm setting a 2500 mobile up right now. We'll see what it folds at.
  11. Just a shameless bump to keep the thread alive and to thank all the new (and all the other) folders for their support. Also new members are always welcome! (hint..hint.)
  12. Check and see it there is a microphone pluged in.You may have some speech-to-text software running.Also check for wireless mouse/keyboard.And make sure no one is running an instance of VNC.
  13. Volt,we've never met but from the time,love and care that you have shone upon the members here,I feel a kinship closer than to people I have. You are not alone in your shock and sense of loss,every member of the pit feels it,as you have become a part of our lives and family's.Words fail me at a time such as this and always seem inadequate at best.I am very sorry for the loss to you and your family,and my prayers go with you. Robert (Battle Born)
  14. Sorry I'm late but, :welfold: or welcome back,as the case may be. Maybe I'm developing Alzheimer's,but hey, that's why we fold. To find Cures.
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