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  1. okdoke. here we go... more details... :crash: 1. I had already seen scripts that do this but they were missing a dll file and made it not work properly. 2. This is not illegal when riding off a pre-existing program that requires membership sign up and is merely part of that individual SQL database that that program is using (example: joomla, php-nuke, etc.). and file size and type has to be limited according to the origional hosts user policies of a non-reseller account. This would be like saying its illegal to allow people to post news articles or sign the guest book on your site. Is also why hosting account general give you an alotted bandwidth per month and in most cases webspace quotas. they are not dumb. 3. I hadn't even planned on implimenting this program until i even got a reseller account anyway but prefer to use a seperate script that allows me better access to the design a way to fit the look and feel to my own site that already exists. 4. I did not post a copy of the user policies and terms of use here. Why are people so nieve as to try to quote law or something that they are not even familiar with.... especialy when it had nothing to do with the question. I have my own attorneys on retainer. I'll let them deal with that part as they already have concidering the information in number 2. QUESTION AGAIN: see origional post...?
  2. I want to know if anyone can tell me how I can allow others to make homepages from my website the way geocities does? Is there a ready made script i can use that is easy to install? My site is www.yallways.com
  3. Yep it seems to have worked. I didnt doubt you though. Just banging my head because I could have just asked this question earlier instead resetting my computer back to factory conditions and wasting 3 days of trying to rid myself of it myself. Ego will get you every time.
  4. Try this simple script. no need for php either. This script will show an image of your choice depending on the viewers time. If it is between 6am and 6pm they get one image and if its between 6pm and 6am they get another. In the following example you will see a sun if it is between 6am and 6pm or a moon otherwise. Just change the URL for your images and paste the code where you want the image to appear. The script works on a 24 hour clock. You can change the hours (in red) to suit your needs. It will work best if the images are the same size. The two images can be an online/offline type image. change the numbers using 24hr time to your specifications. And then of course be sure to add your two images in the same (root) folder. Let me know if this works for you. Im hoping I understand what you are trying to do here. <script language="javascript"> <!-- var cur= new Date() var change=cur.getHours() if ((change<18) && (change>=6)) document.write("<img src='onair.gif'>") else document.write("<img src='offair.gif'>") //--> </script>
  5. Instructions followed... If this works (meaning I dont see a popup alert within the next 20 minutes max) then let me know exactly where the money is to go. Also an email to send receipt or cert to show that its been sent. Thanks for the help.
  6. :help: :crash: This and several other similar pop-up alerts keep showing up about every 30 to 60 seconds on my computer. I have even restored my computer to factory condition and it is still there. You have to download this product and then pay for it in order to get rid of the pop-up alert. I, however, am not giving into thier blackmail. I will send anyone $50 via money order or paypal if they can tell me how to get this off my computer. WARNING! Do not download the registry cleaner xp program that it tells you to download on this alert photo. The trial version even has the adware pop-up alert garbage in it too because my avast anti-virus program caught it . Unfortunately, Once its installed on your computer... The antiviruses, adware removers and registry cleaners can not detect the thing because Ive tried tons of them with no results.
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