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  1. Maybe the OP and who ever did the recording should be put into the same position as the tech support lady. So that he/she will have a better understanding of how difficult it is to be a 1st tier support. Yes, the 1st tier tech support might not be as computing capable as the caller is. But there exist people with knowledge and ambition to be a 1st tier support just to fulfill their dreams to be helpful to others. Yes the caller can call the tech support to ask and verifiy Gateway's offical position on warrenty if you are to remove the restore partition. But I think the caller should drop the issue right there when the lady confirmed that the action will void the software part of the warrenty rather then keep on putting perssure on her for no reason. It shows the immturity, insensitivity of the OP and the caller. I think PC Pitstop should remove or at lease edit the recording as soon as possible to return some justice to people who work in the tech support industry.
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