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  1. OneCool

    PC mods

    You "built" it!! lol 😂 3k is plenty but need more info
  2. OneCool


    Y too!!! Prayers for him and his family. Gen Dis is depressing 😒😔😔
  3. OneCool

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!

    A$$holes don't die!!!! 🙃🙃😂😂
  4. OneCool

    CB my friend.

    What the what!!! CB too!!! 😢😢😢😭😭. This makes me Soo sad. Condolences too his family and friends. IG and CB be prayers for you guys up there!!
  5. OneCool

    IntelGuy has passed away

    Noo!! 😢😢 Prayers for his family. That hurts...he was a awesome person
  6. Anyone heard from him? Wondering how the ol $hit :filtered: is doing. It's so wierd typing on my phone in pcpitstop OC forum lol
  7. sho!!! How the hell are you!!?
  8. Just wondering. I'm sure I would show up more if there was one for the main site and forums.
  9. OneCool

    So when does pcpitstop get a app?

    Honestly for me I won't lie...It's laziness. It's my phone... Everything is one click away!!! Of course if I had it I would just scroll a lot and not say anything...lol
  10. Haaaaa. I remember that... Ray ask me to be a mod and I kept banning Dennis lmao
  11. OneCool

    So when does pcpitstop get a app?

    You're assuming I'm current with phone stuff nigsy lol. I'm old now and complain a lot about things with touch screens,my son watching other people playing games on youtube,kids music etc etc
  12. OneCool

    So when does pcpitstop get a app?

    Some serious crickets in this thread...
  13. OneCool

    CPU Delidding

    Hey CB!! How's it hanging old man!!! Good to someone I know around lol
  14. OneCool

    CPU Delidding

    As the good ol' days
  15. OneCool

    caintry boy

    Sorry I'm late CB. Me and mine send our prayers to you and wish you well my friend.
  16. OneCool

    she's done

    Looks good bro!!
  17. OneCool

    How bad is your internet

    got you all beat http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4209199999
  18. OneCool

    Where is everyone?

    Still around just broke these days
  19. You have it correct in a way.128 will give you double the bandwidth of 64bit in theory..Windows 32 /64bit will only matter when comes to installing the video cards driver,choose the right one for what OS your using.
  20. OneCool

    Best Pc Speakers?

    I vote for the Klipsch's love their computer speakers.
  21. OneCool

    Amazing- Windows 7 on 800mhz

    You have to excuse Dennis he just got a spankin new iPhone and wants to post on PCPitStop from the local pub
  22. OneCool

    New Computer

    I have this monster just sittin in the closet http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341046 Keep your hat on little buddie your time will come
  23. OneCool

    Just Oc'ed The Netbook

    *Stares at the wifes Acer Aspire One* hmmm
  24. OneCool

    Just Oc'ed The Netbook

    For a netbook that temp is fine