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  1. OneCool

    PC mods

    You "built" it!! lol 😂 3k is plenty but need more info
  2. OneCool


    Y too!!! Prayers for him and his family. Gen Dis is depressing 😒😔😔
  3. OneCool

    Happy Birthday Bruce!!

    A$$holes don't die!!!! 🙃🙃😂😂
  4. OneCool

    CB my friend.

    What the what!!! CB too!!! 😢😢😢😭😭. This makes me Soo sad. Condolences too his family and friends. IG and CB be prayers for you guys up there!!
  5. OneCool

    IntelGuy has passed away

    Noo!! 😢😢 Prayers for his family. That hurts...he was a awesome person
  6. sho!!! How the hell are you!!?
  7. OneCool

    So when does pcpitstop get a app?

    Honestly for me I won't lie...It's laziness. It's my phone... Everything is one click away!!! Of course if I had it I would just scroll a lot and not say anything...lol
  8. Haaaaa. I remember that... Ray ask me to be a mod and I kept banning Dennis lmao
  9. OneCool

    So when does pcpitstop get a app?

    You're assuming I'm current with phone stuff nigsy lol. I'm old now and complain a lot about things with touch screens,my son watching other people playing games on youtube,kids music etc etc
  10. OneCool

    So when does pcpitstop get a app?

    Some serious crickets in this thread...
  11. Anyone heard from him? Wondering how the ol $hit :filtered: is doing. It's so wierd typing on my phone in pcpitstop OC forum lol
  12. OneCool

    CPU Delidding

    Hey CB!! How's it hanging old man!!! Good to someone I know around lol
  13. Just wondering. I'm sure I would show up more if there was one for the main site and forums.
  14. OneCool

    CPU Delidding

    As the good ol' days