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  1. flyer0946

    3dmark2k1 Scores Start Here.

    i got my ti4600 and antec psu from them a few months ago
  2. flyer0946

    3dmark2k1 Scores Start Here.

    i love newegg.com
  3. flyer0946

    3dmark2k3 Scores Start Here

    heres just a little overclocked http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=71323
  4. flyer0946

    3dmark2k3 Scores Start Here

    http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=65477 i will try to oc some today
  5. go to tools internet options privacy click advanced in the first boxed area and select override cookie handling
  6. flyer0946

    Computer Brands

    most of the people on this site are for the home but you should also do a poll of fav computer company
  7. we just get lucky and have connections much higher then they are rated at
  8. flyer0946

    Using Spybot S&d

    only delete what comes up in red
  9. welcome to the club of people who unknowingly screw cable companies and get unbelievable speeds
  10. you say that its smoking all tests. if its flying along then dont worry what the tests say you are getting
  11. flyer0946

    Pit Not Saving Results?

    lava no problem. everybody has a right to make fun of dell. i wanted to build my own system but my parents had very little faith in me so made me put all my cash into a dell. id ont blame them i wouldnt trust myself
  12. flyer0946

    Pit Not Saving Results?

    the pit doesnt save every test. if the scores are very close point wise they just overwrite eachother
  13. flyer0946

    Service Pack 1 On Xp (or Not?)

    sp1 everytime
  14. flyer0946

    What Is The Best Mp3 Search Tool?

    remember the good ol days of napster beta v.7 where you can download any song you wanted in under 30 seconds and the preview function worked perfectly