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  1. Hi; I've just been through the thread on the other site: Have you: Run the sfc/scannow and check disc commands as asked? Have you uninstalled drivers etc as advised in the 1st reply? It does look like a driver issue but I really don't want to post any advice until you can confirm you have carried out the steps you have already been advised to do just incase we cross over on the threads and cause more issues!!
  2. Happy Birthday...hope you have a good one
  3. Hi; It is not advised to run 2 AV/Cleaner solutions at the same time as they will interfere with each other and cause 'false / positives' which it looks like is happening in this case. Please open a ticket here: https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ For further help.
  4. Going to ask this here.... Does anyone know what folder the facebook android app scans to get the pictures that are available to post? Mine seems to scan every conceivable folder so I'm seeing icons, whats app emojis, video thumbnails, album artwork.....it makes finding an actual photo to upload a nightmare.
  5. Just installed it. Does exactly what I need. Cheers.
  6. nigsy

    How to Make Your Own Icons

    Hi Wanda and As this post is from 2007 and aimed at windows XP; I'm guessing things have moved on!! Please start a new thread in our User to User forum and see if anyone can help.
  7. nigsy

    Screen shot Issues

    Hi; Not sure if this is a screen size issue rather a canvas issue in paint. Rather than do screenshots try using the inbuilt windows 'Snipping' tool to capture the image and then save it as a jpeg / bmp without going into paint. https://www.bing.com/search?q=windows+snipping+tool&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IESR3N
  8. Happy birthday Sparkles!!
  9. Great to see the fix worked. Thanks for letting us know. Happy New Year - Don't be a stranger!!
  10. Hi gpoole and thanks for your input and glad that the fix you posted worked for you. Some fixes are tailored to your specific system / OS also by getting people to open a ticket with support we are able to track specific problems and trends. I would also advise against anyone downloading and running a .exe file from a website linked by a member and not an official link!!
  11. Hope you have a good one!!
  12. Sorry missed you yesterday..hope you had a good one..
  13. Hope you have a good one!
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    Happy Birthday C_B

    Yep. It was his birthday on the 2nd - And you are not forgotten Roger.
  15. Haven't seen you around for a while, but happy birthday...
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    Happy Birthday KurtBleach!

    Happy birthday mate. Hope you had a good one.
  17. Follow TXs suggestion and back up the VM so you have a clean copy. You can then play with the old version and see what works. The software he has linked to will allow you to move partitions; so move the recovery partition to the end and then extend the c drive into the free space. Or try deleting the recovery partition in the VM. You'll always have a clean VM to go back to if you bork it!!
  18. In a word...NO! But I guess you have all the missing dlls now so in theory you could keep plugging away copy and pasting the missing files until it works / if it ever works.
  19. That was my initial thought. But wasn't sure how it worked in a VM. Not sure how partións are stored within the vmx file?