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  1. I'm going to say, stick with the most recent. I think it's the work units.....I've just got back up and running and the first piece of work is telling me 50 days to complete and that's with all 8 cores of set to full!!
  2. Stopped folding when my client got stuck and no matter what I did - (Including a complete re-install of openSUSE) seemed to work. This has prompted me to have another look.
  3. Here's to a great day!! Have a good one.
  4. Hi and The answer depends on your firewall; but I guess the easiest thing to do would be to switch it off and see if you can access; you may also have a firewall built into your router so you'd need to also check that - remember to re-enable your firewall (s) afterwards!! Also what URL are you using? Any screen messages?
  5. Long time, no see!! But happy birthday and have a good one.
  6. A few things: A good clean recovery back up incase the worst happens As discussed a good AV suite Browser Ad-blockers and other tools like 'Noscript' that block java scripts from running Don't open unsolicited emails claiming to be refunds from Amazon etc And probably a lot more besides!! Even the best AV protection in the world can't protect against stupid humans!!
  7. Locked this topic as you have the same thread running elsewhere on this site.
  8. Like Tom states; it might not even have a wireless card fitted. Have a look under: Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System > Device Manager: Open up the Network Adaptors node and see what's in there. I would also add - Putting an XP machine onto the internet is a bad idea - Don't use it for anything as you'll just find yourself infected with multiple viruses etc.
  9. Happy Birthday!! Have a good one.
  10. Happy birthday have a good one!!
  11. Hi RG; Just jumping in to back up what TX is advising. Going back to / do a clean install of W7; although in the short term may seem like a good idea you are going to run into trouble both with Microsoft stopping full support next year, but also you will find that software and hardware (driver) updates will quickly follow suit including anitivirus. As TX has also stated you may run into issues with current drivers especially 64 bit as W7 was on the cusp on the 64bit revolution!! Not sure if this link will work for you; it was to check Vista/XP machines compatibility with W7 so not sure if it will run on a W10 machine: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=20 I know there are some learning curves with Windows 10 - But it really is quite straight forward; and we are here if you get stuck!!
  12. There are lots of free AV suites; MS Defender from Microsoft; AVAST is good...look here: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-free-antivirus,review-6003.html You can't beat paid for though as this will give you full coverage, support and have full options for recovery without getting diverted to a paywall for removal. Before installing on an infected machine you would be well advised to pop over to our 'Have I Been Hijacked' forum and get a full scan done by one of the trusted Malware Techs.
  13. Make sure you are running IE as admin. Right click on the icon and select 'Run as Admin' this gives you elevated rights.
  14. Long time no see; hope you have a good day!!
  15. I'm just guessing TBH about registry; but you may have changed something by booting to W10 from the USB - It doesn't have a live CD version like Linux does so somewhere it's installed something as you've stated you booted to the W10 desktop. Have a look if you have a "Windows.old" folder on your C drive: C:\Windows.old\Users\your_name If you have then I think you may somehow inadvertently installed W10 as an inplace upgrade.
  16. Clean install of W7? I'm wondering if some registry entries have been altered?
  17. Happy birthday..hope you have a good one.
  18. Yep, If you can post what worked you might help someone else with the same issue. Good see you got it fixed
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