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  1. Hi Tom; Can you open a support ticket here: https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ They will be able to take you through the installation process.
  2. Does it POST? (BIOS Screen) Are you able to start it in Safe mode? Sounds like a Hard drive failure; are you able to run a diagnostic tool on the hard drive? You might also want to download a USB bootable Linux live CD and see if that works - If it does it will rule out any hardware failures and point to the hard drive itself having failed. Also:
  3. Hi Glenda; I don't think pcmatic will fix this as it's a settings issue with the way windows handles mail. If you have your internet browser settings set to 'delete all cookies on exit' TURN THIS OFF; webmail relies on storing your user/password combo as an encrypted cookie!! Do you use windows mail to download your Gmail; or do you think you may have set it up to do so at any point? If you have open the windows email client look for accounts and delete the Gmail account.
  4. Doesn't sound like a virus.....Sounds like a failing graphics card or a problem displaying flash/HTML5. What browser are you using and does this happen if you try a different one? Is it only websites this effects or is it email and/or normal PC use (Word documents etc)?
  5. I would delete the frontier/yahoo email from thunderbird and manually add it back in. These instructions are a little out of date but the settings are the same..... https://products.secureserver.net/email/email_thunderbird.htm
  6. Hi Ax; Sorry to hear about your illness, glad your on the road to recovery. A friend of mine has just undergone major surgery to remove some of his bowel due to cancer; they think they got it all but it's a long road back. Loosing Y' was a bit of a shocker and as Toms says...we never got to say goodbye. Take care of yourself.
  7. Next year the big 20!! Thanks to all who have contributed, helped or argued; to the Admins and Mod teams also to the Anti Malware brigade. Time to also reflect on those that we have lost along the way; we don't forget. Thanks, Nigel.
  8. Haven't seen you around for a while; but have a good Birthday!
  9. My suggestion is...read the reviews and save your money. Follow Tx's suggestion - get a cheap phone with a decent data plan (Unlimited is what you need) and just tether the Tablet to the phone. The site is really ambiguous about how much data you get for your bucks - But a full 1080p movie will eat through 4gb data easily so if you have a 10gb plan that's only 2 films and a bit of Spotify.
  10. Surely a mobile hotspot is just a 3 / 4 g tethering device? Like tethering from your phone. It's not actually a wireless system so the speeds are going to be dependant of the "phone" signal. Just checked the website and it makes no mention of $6 a month, you might have seen an introductory offer but there cheapest plan is for $25/month and that gets you 3gb data - Sounds expensive to me.
  11. Watch out for the emails from Apple support with a ' Receipt' for your latest purchases and the tag line 'If you don't recognise this transaction please log into your account using the link below' Absolute scam - I don't even have an Apple account!! If in doubt; close the email; go to the website and log in from there.
  12. Haven't seen you around for a while...hope you have a good one...
  13. Hi; And It is advised to uninstall all other AV protection before installing another. This stops false positives and any conflicts. To remove Avast: https://www.avast.com/en-gb/uninstall-utility That should clear it for you. Any other questions about PCMatic please ask. N.
  14. A little bit belated (sorry); the guy who helped me all those years ago with my first post!! Happy Birthday!!
  15. Being a bootable disc won't have any effect. It's now a 'slave' drive and all files on it will be read at the same speed. HDDs are intrinsically slow when compared to a USB stick or a SSD especially if you are transferring single VMK files which are massive. If you are worried just delete all the windows system files first.
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