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  1. nigsy

    iPhone scam???

    Watch out for the emails from Apple support with a ' Receipt' for your latest purchases and the tag line 'If you don't recognise this transaction please log into your account using the link below' Absolute scam - I don't even have an Apple account!! If in doubt; close the email; go to the website and log in from there.
  2. Haven't seen you around for a while...hope you have a good one...
  3. nigsy

    Installing PCMatic

    Hi; And It is advised to uninstall all other AV protection before installing another. This stops false positives and any conflicts. To remove Avast: https://www.avast.com/en-gb/uninstall-utility That should clear it for you. Any other questions about PCMatic please ask. N.
  4. A little bit belated (sorry); the guy who helped me all those years ago with my first post!! Happy Birthday!!
  5. Don't worry; I meant just delete the files you were going to rename if you weren't worried about them.
  6. Being a bootable disc won't have any effect. It's now a 'slave' drive and all files on it will be read at the same speed. HDDs are intrinsically slow when compared to a USB stick or a SSD especially if you are transferring single VMK files which are massive. If you are worried just delete all the windows system files first.
  7. Will make no difference. Being a bootable disk won't change the transfer speed. Yes Blue are USB3 also light blue - You can always check in device manager to make sure. A quicker way would be to network the 2 PCs (Im assuming you have old and new pc) and use the windows file transfer tool. Or remove the old drive containing the VM files and plug it into the new PC and just copy the files off.
  8. If you are trying to save on an external USB you are limited speedwise by the bandwith of your USB port / device - USB3 would handle 140gb no issues in minutes (up to 10 times faster than USB2) Also ensure your USB drive is formatted to exFAT and not the default fat32 or NTFS.
  9. One day late...Sorry!! Hope you had a good one Tom....
  10. Unless it was the update that broke your driver I'd let it update as normal.