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  1. nigsy

    Happy Birthday KurtBleach!

    Happy birthday mate. Hope you had a good one.
  2. Follow TXs suggestion and back up the VM so you have a clean copy. You can then play with the old version and see what works. The software he has linked to will allow you to move partitions; so move the recovery partition to the end and then extend the c drive into the free space. Or try deleting the recovery partition in the VM. You'll always have a clean VM to go back to if you bork it!!
  3. Haven't seen you around for a while, but happy birthday...
  4. In a word...NO! But I guess you have all the missing dlls now so in theory you could keep plugging away copy and pasting the missing files until it works / if it ever works.
  5. That was my initial thought. But wasn't sure how it worked in a VM. Not sure how partiĆ³ns are stored within the vmx file?
  6. No the 20gb of unused space. Delete it. But not sure if you can.
  7. Can you delete the unused partition and then extend the C:/ or just allocate the unassigned space a drive letter and use it as a seperate drive. Not sure if you can just move the recovery drive to the end. I'll leave that to some one else to advise!
  8. nigsy

    Happy Birthday C_B

    Yep. It was his birthday on the 2nd - And you are not forgotten Roger.
  9. OK; Run this command in an elevated CMD prompt: sfc /scannow This will check and repair certain windows files and registry entries. You may need to run it 3 times to clear all issues it can fix. Before doing it ensure you have a good restore point and back up your registry: https://neosmart.net/wiki/backup-restore-registry/#Backup_and_restore_the_registry_in_Windows_7
  10. nigsy

    Your Web Browser

    Taken him out.
  11. I'm worried we might bork your registry! not good and difficult to fix across a forum! Try to reinstall the c++ redistrubutable package you tried in an earlier post - that holds all the missing files.
  12. nigsy

    android box

  13. Hi; Not sure why you are getting that? Can you restart the system using 'Last known good configuration' As the BIOS posts hit the F8 key repeatedly (Normally; but this does depend on manufacturer some use F11 or esc) - This will give you advanced boot options.