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  1. nigsy

    Friday Night Video's

    Never heard these guys before...apparently they've been around for 20 years!!
  2. Ha Ha! Didn't check the date - but if it works for you it's all good
  3. Hi; Could be that your hard drive is full - if it's over 85% full this could cause an issue. It could also point to early failure of RAM where it is not caching correctly. Not sure what OS you are running; but the below is a link for w7 to help clear memory cache: https://medicine.arizona.edu/helpdesk-article/clear-memory-cache-windows-7 You might also want to run ram diagnostics: Click start > search for mdsched.exe (or open an elevated cmd prompt and type it into the box) and press enter > restart the PC - The tool will auto run at startup.
  4. Hope you have a great day!!
  5. nigsy

    Happy Birthday Dog Soldier

    Have a good one!!
  6. nigsy

    CB passed away

    I'm working on the birthday wishes threads!! It's a 'tradition' I want to try and keep but the notifications aren't working at the moment so I'm having to access the calendar everyday to find out who has one. Heads up - it's Dickster and Dog Soldier this week......
  7. How could a (Fake) MS Support page help with a Linux problem?
  8. Depends on the camera firmware; what make and models? (Changing them to static may not stop them reverting back after a software/ firmware upgrade!!)
  9. nigsy

    Spyware ???? 3.6 GB Upload by Blogspot ???

    That's a mac address; not IP. But as blogspot is just SEO driven Spam you're opening yourself up to a lot of unwanted traffic.
  10. Probably doesn't matter what browser I use Chrome (on a linux machine) and I still get the occasional fake warning telling me my pc is infected with some windows virus - which running Linux is nigh on impossible!! You could try running something like the 'No Script' extension for Firefox and see if that stops it. Apart from that it's the usual drill of making sure you have a good AV suite and run regular scans. Also if you don't already have one install a decent ad-block extension in firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/
  11. This sort of thing has been around for a while. Not at all serious unless you enter your details. It runs in your browser so you might want to check any extensions or add ins for anything suspicious. There are a few malicious programs to look out for though...have a look here for some info... https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-your-computer-has-been-blocked-popups/