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  1. Long time no see; hope you have a good day!!
  2. I'm just guessing TBH about registry; but you may have changed something by booting to W10 from the USB - It doesn't have a live CD version like Linux does so somewhere it's installed something as you've stated you booted to the W10 desktop. Have a look if you have a "Windows.old" folder on your C drive: C:\Windows.old\Users\your_name If you have then I think you may somehow inadvertently installed W10 as an inplace upgrade.
  3. Clean install of W7? I'm wondering if some registry entries have been altered?
  4. Happy birthday..hope you have a good one.
  5. Yep, If you can post what worked you might help someone else with the same issue. Good see you got it fixed
  6. What TX says!! Also try using windows explorer to see if the phone is detected rather than import pics or the phone makers software.
  7. Happy birthday Bud; hope you had a good one.
  8. As long as you are running windows 7 or higher (Or linux) you should be fine. USB3 is backwards compatible so I'm not sure why your phone wont plug into a USB2 slot and still work? Admittedly you'll loose the data transfer speed but it should still work? And:
  9. 1st question is...do you need a laptop? If you just do a bit of browsing, social media and email.....just get a tablet If you need the above and maybe need some simple ability to do basic office tasks (Spreadsheets etc) maybe a cheap Chromebook would suffice If you are going to use it for serious work, run specialist software etc, you need at least 4gb RAM (8 better); 120gb SSD and it has to run Windows 10 - Any of the top brands will do, I use Lenovo; but you will find lots of good refurbished DELLs and HPs second hand as these are used by businesses and then old machines sold in bulk at auction.
  10. Be patient!! This is a worldwide forum with users from every continent all on different time zones - I guessing not everyone waits for a new post and dives right in!! You are specifically asking for information from small business owners - Out of our membership you'll probably find very few that meet that requirement; and even fewer from that group that will actually reply. And I guess you can understand that people are wary of clicking through random links on Forums especially as it's a first post from a new member. I'm also wondering why you want this information? Maybe an explanation as to what you are going to do with the information may help people understand what you are doing and encourage a response? Hopefully you will also have posted the survey on multiple sites and not just here?
  11. Are you sure you have a Virus? You say you can't play CDs or burn music? That sounds more like your CD/DVD drive has bust.
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