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  1. nigsy

    Folding Machine Down

    I'll have a look at it properly on Saturday; I'm trying to fix it over Teamviewer at the moment. Last time this happened it was they pulled support for the graphics card I was using - So I only fold on the CPU now. Wondering if it's something along those lines. N.
  2. Not sure how long it's not been folding; but just noticed the client is stuck connecting. Tried all I know to get it running again including removing the client and it's folders and doing a new install; it just hangs at connecting?? (Linux - SUSE)
  3. nigsy

    Ready to buy XPS 13

    If it's anything like the UK; Yep I'd wait until the school sales start.
  4. In Windows 10 (not sure what you are running) - Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps - Scroll to the Web Browser setting and choose FF.
  5. nigsy

    Pc to TV via HDMI

    Right click on the desktop; in the context menu their should be an option for NVIDA Graphics (Or Radeon); that controls the onbaord graphics. I could be the cable; you'd have to try a different one to test.
  6. Didn't know that!! Guess I'll be switching.
  7. I think what you have is just fine. I would install ad-block plus extension in Firefox just to speed up browsing; and if you want to tie it down a bit more you could add the 'no script' extension, but you may find that a bit restrictive. I'm not sure if Adaware is actually an AV; more to stop PuPs as Malwarebytes calls them; if it is a full AV then you don't need to run it and Avast together as they may conflict with each other.
  8. nigsy

    Pc to TV via HDMI

    Do you have the NVIDA control panel installed? If so the setting to change output is in there under Display > set multiple displays (You may also need to change the sound card setting to output via HDMI)
  9. nigsy

    Pc to TV via HDMI

    Or, right click on the desktop > graphic properties and select the output device. (Does the same thing)
  10. nigsy


    Gone!! 5th one today!!
  11. nigsy

    HP Envy convertible15-u110 dx

    Not worth fixing. You'd be better off investing in a new windows 10 machine.
  12. Yep. Get the same issue with the Chromecast stick. I 'see' about 4 different ones on my network; took me a while to figure out it was the apartments around me. Problem we have is that we use a shared WiFi service for the block and they do interfere with each others connectivity.
  13. nigsy

    Good Software For Editing Videos

    Moved and Merged!! Not sure about windows; but KDEnlive in Linux is superb and free.
  14. Yes. Linux will read the ext4 and the NTFS partition.
  15. 1. If the second drive is added to the mid IDE connector an the jumper is CS - It will show as slave. 2. Yes you can connect the old corrupt drive by USB and see if you can read any data on there - Windows 10 will definitely see the NTFS data (XP) but off the top of my head I think you need 3rd party software to read EXT4 in windows. Happy to be corrected on this though!! Of course all of this depends on how badly corrupted the old drive is.