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  1. nigsy

    Photo display options

    It might be a camera setting...looks like it's trying to jump straight to importing all the pictures rather than just launching the utility. Just had a quick look at some google results - The first screen shot looks like the windows built in photo import screen, not the cannon software in the second picture. You need to look for a setting to launch the cannon software as the default for opening pictures. Might be worth un-installing the cannon software / reboot the machine and reinstall the cannon software and let it walk you through the connection wizard.
  2. I think the upshot is....If you can't remember your passwords, memorable security questions and also don't have access to the numerous other recovery options available (Phone, alternative email etc) you might as well forget it. No provider in their right mind would say...OK , you can't prove its you, but just this once we'll ignore all the security protocols we have in place and grant you access..... What I would say is; go back over every device you have used on the internet recently in the hope that you have left one of them signed in to an account or have the saved password option enabled. Visit every single email provider login page you use and go through all the recovery options; maybe one of the security questions / memorable word answers will trigger your memory.
  3. nigsy

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    Still clicking!!
  4. nigsy

    personal protection

    Good read. Some useful info in the home router one.
  5. Your mail exchange server has another out of sync account on it (Gmail?) Avast security is known to interfere with Outlook - if you are running avast Your mail cache has become corrupted and you need to run a .pst repair Could be anyone of those. I would backup all your .pst files; delete your outlook profile; restart the PC and set up your profile again from scratch.
  6. 1st check that the WPS option is witched on in the original router (It should be by default - but you never know). 2nd - Not all Netgear extenders support WPS anyway so it's a manual set up. Try here for manual setup: (I guess you've tried this but...): https://kb.netgear.com/25504/How-do-I-connect-my-NETGEAR-WiFi-Range-Extender-using-manual-setup I'm not a fan of these extenders as my experience is they don't actually extend anything, the through put is slow and connections keep dropping out, I went for a home plug solution, granted it's more expensive, but I have fast reliable Wifi everywhere in the house, garage and back garden!!
  7. nigsy

    Folding Machine Down

    I'll have a look at it properly on Saturday; I'm trying to fix it over Teamviewer at the moment. Last time this happened it was they pulled support for the graphics card I was using - So I only fold on the CPU now. Wondering if it's something along those lines. N.
  8. Not sure how long it's not been folding; but just noticed the client is stuck connecting. Tried all I know to get it running again including removing the client and it's folders and doing a new install; it just hangs at connecting?? (Linux - SUSE)
  9. nigsy

    Ready to buy XPS 13

    If it's anything like the UK; Yep I'd wait until the school sales start.
  10. In Windows 10 (not sure what you are running) - Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps - Scroll to the Web Browser setting and choose FF.
  11. nigsy

    Pc to TV via HDMI

    Right click on the desktop; in the context menu their should be an option for NVIDA Graphics (Or Radeon); that controls the onbaord graphics. I could be the cable; you'd have to try a different one to test.
  12. Didn't know that!! Guess I'll be switching.
  13. I think what you have is just fine. I would install ad-block plus extension in Firefox just to speed up browsing; and if you want to tie it down a bit more you could add the 'no script' extension, but you may find that a bit restrictive. I'm not sure if Adaware is actually an AV; more to stop PuPs as Malwarebytes calls them; if it is a full AV then you don't need to run it and Avast together as they may conflict with each other.
  14. nigsy

    Pc to TV via HDMI

    Do you have the NVIDA control panel installed? If so the setting to change output is in there under Display > set multiple displays (You may also need to change the sound card setting to output via HDMI)