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  1. Upgrading laptop

    It's got 4gb ram and a 1tb drive. Exactly what do you want? A hd upgrade or more ram?
  2. Adobe flash player

    Yep; Opera & Chromium should work. If it doesn't then use the link in the game site you mentioned earlier.
  3. Happy Birthday firekracker

    Happy birthday!!
  4. Adobe flash player

    Normally it would install automatically if needed / or at least prompt you to download. But here you go..... https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ Just select your operating system and the latest version of Flash and away you go.
  5. Data Recovery from mac air book

    You should see the same file structure as you had originally; so tracking down documents shouldn't be that difficult. Then just copy them across to other PC.
  6. Facebook Block

    Thought I'd locked this thread. I have now!
  7. Facebook Block

    Can you please start a new thread outlining what your issue is. The answers in this thread are specific to the OP and may not work for you (Especially as the thread is over 18 months old!)
  8. My old mailbox

    Are you trying to recover old emails? or the old look and feel?
  9. Question about System Images I've created?

    Yep. I would back the 2015 up somewhere else if possible. Delete everything and just create a new image.
  10. Question about System Images I've created?

    As long as you have a recent full backup image that you can restore from you can safely delete old images. Worst case scenario is you loose the lot and have to download a fresh install of Windows from Digital River (as long as you have the license key!)
  11. Because the i3 was a triumph of marketing over real world performance?
  12. It could be. I know this is going back to the start...but have you tried uninstalling the network driver; then rebooting the laptop to see if windows will find it's default driver?
  13. caintry boy

    Thoughts are with you buddy.
  14. Need opinions on different cases :(

    Personally from your list I would go with the Corsair...... or this: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/H6L7YJ/phanteks-eclipse-p400-tempered-glass-atx-mid-tower-case-ph-ec416ptg_br Good cable management , so reasonable airflow. Nice full glass panel so you can see what you got. I would just watch the max video card length in all these mid size towers; also no 5.25 drive bays.