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  1. No is the short answer. FAT32 has a 4gb limit. Nothing to do with the tablet itself but a physical limitation of the cards format. Tablet (Smartphone) manufacturers wouldn't put this on their descriptions because the card is a 3rd party peripheral and not their responsibility, 'Caveat Emptor' as they said in ancient Rome. The only way around it would be to hook the tablet up to a PC and load the file directly onto the internal memory that may work as I think the internal memory is exFAT (Happy to be corrected on that!) Or Instal a linux OS onto the tablet and do what you like!
  2. Happy Birthday Shogun....Hope you have a good one
  3. Hi Paul and Please open a support ticket here: https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ They should be able to advise. I've also edited your post to remove all the emails and contact info.
  4. The Mods are watching.......
  5. Yep. The 'Get Windows 10' program has finished (2016??), but if you have W10 installation media and a valid W7 licence key you can still upgrade for free.
  6. Looking at the report that unit should not be slow! OK the i3 isn't the fastest cpu but paired with enough memory it should be fine. Have you run 'memtest' https://www.memtest86.com/ (better than running memtest from the cmd line)
  7. No it shouldn't; but as with all things a good robust backup is essential. As I say; it's only what I might consider to do differently.
  8. I've never used Acronis so as for steps not sure. But it all makes sense. Two things I might do differently: Make sure you have a separate backup of all your important data (Photos, files, music etc) before you try anything I would be tempted to reformat the SSD to a single partition before I did anything with it. Also if you are going to dispose of the original HD make sure you wipe it correctly so any data is not recoverable. Personally I would add it back into the system as additional storage and reformat it.
  9. Hi Jeb; There's quite a good guide to pro's and con's of Chromebooks here: https://www.stylefactoryproductions.com/blog/chromebook-review I have a Chromebook that I use when working away from home primarily to Stream Netflix or music from my Plex server. I have an older cheaper model so have no offline storage so it needs a WiFi signal to work - Something to be wary of!! Think of a chromebook as a large android phone.
  10. Hi; Not 100% sure what you are trying to do but if I'm guessing correctly you want to keep the partition with 'Time Machine Backups' and then reformat the empty space for windows? If that's the case it should be pretty straight forward as you can just reformat the free space to what ever you like (Providing the time machine backup is on it's own partition). If not then save the backup image somewhere else and create 2 partitions on the drive...1 for your windows backup and another to reload the time machine backup into. Use Gparted to do this. Or Acronis software might let you partition the drive without copying out the Time machine data first (i'd still keep a second image up just incase)
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