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  1. Why do you prefer Linux?

    Hi; Been thinking of giving this a run out on an old lenovo laptop I have lying around. I run openSuse on my main rig; but I find it a bit heavy on a laptop.
  2. I have scareware.. or other

    Hi; Try this: https://toolslib.net/downloads/finish/1/ It's ADWCleaner - should get rid of the rubbish!!
  3. Microsoft Office PowerPoint

    Couple of things: Change the extension to xxx.ppt; see if that helps. Try uploading it to google docs if you have that or install Libre Office and see if that will open it: https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/ And
  4. Nice!! (So you're not tempted to keep Ubuntu??)
  5. Any one will do for what you need there are hundreds of linux distros (distributions); I run openSuse as I find it the best; the link below is to Ubuntu which is probably the most user friendly!! Ubuntu comes with Firefox as standard. https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop You can burn the image to DVD or create a bootable flash drive. Change the boot order boot in BIOS to boot from your DVD player and you're off!! Have a look at this tutorial (You can skip the first 10 minutes); but it will explain the live cd concept.
  6. I'm stumped! Between us you've done everything I would do. I know you've tried changing DNS; but have you flushed it? Open an elevated CMD prompt: Type: ipconfig /flushdns Have you ruled out a hardware issue? Is the issue the same on a wired / WiFi connection? I'm just throwing ideas in here...... Download a Linux live cd and run it: Launch the browser in Linux and see if you get the same issue - That'l tell you if it's hardware or software.
  7. Old computer

    Always try to recycle!!
  8. What happens if you try another browser; Opera is still supporting XP for the moment; try Maxthon as this is the same version as running on W10: http://www.maxthon.com/ Note; Firefox support for XP end in June this year.
  9. Hi; You don't say what browser you are using; or does this issue affect multiple browsers. If you're still running IE (This will be unsupported version on your XP machine) as will Google Chrome. Have you tried running the browser in safe mode? Or manually turn off all add ins.
  10. Our Newest Moderator

    Nice one Tx....welcome to the team!!
  11. Ryzen 7 1700X build

    I did; but at the time my i7 was deader !
  12. Ryzen 7 1700X build

    Looks great. I'm toying with an upgrade; but only switched to AMD last year so struggling to justify the cost of a new MoB to accomodate the Ryzen.
  13. Revert back from Windows 10 to Windows 8?

    You are correct. The recovery partition resets the laptop to it's factory state; so only the software installed at the time you bought it. You will need to reinstall all additional software; this may help if you have lost any license keys: http://www.klinzmann.name/licensecrawler.htm