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  1. Caintry I'm incredibly sorry for your loss, and offer my best to you and your family during this difficult time.
  2. I think I'd try without removing the black sleeving first, because I don't think its going to change the look much, and I think it will make putting the new sleeving on much easier, so if you try it with the sleeving on first and like it, it should save you a bunch of work. As for the lighting I have two cold cathodes, and I'm looking around for a fan that I like with a light on it, and I'm also planning on putting some UV LED's in the case over the summer, so I can aim them a little easier and be able to hide them out of the way. All of this would/is hooked up to a set of switches on my fan controller so I can shut the night light feature off at night if I wanted.
  3. Here's my score with a tech express link that actually works http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=G9BTPWUTNYJSZHBQ Pit score 2874 CPU 880 Memory 1005 Vid 729 HDD 264 Challange Score 2145 A64 3200 @2.7 7800 GTX No Dual Core, No SLI
  4. As for the fan grill, with an aluminum case tin snips are about the best way to go as long as you can get the tin snips started. If you plan on doing this alot, you can get a greenlee knockout die to do this incredibly easy and neat, however the knockout die will run you about 65-75 bucks, and then you need a 1/2" or 3/4" drive ratchet to turn it. As for the cable sleeving, you can get cable sleeving kits at svc here: http://www.svc.com/flexokits.html When I bought my sleeving supplies I ordered it from a site that allowed you to buy it by the foot, and I can't remember what the site was now, but I'm guessing that with a little searching you can find a site that will sell by the foot. Other then the sleeving, you'll need a pin removal tool to take the pins out of the molex connectors, and you'll want to order some extra heat shrink tubing as well, because whatever they send you most likely won't be enough, especially if you're using a uv reactive, you can get the normal colors in most electrical supply stores, but good luck find uv tubing anywhere other then online.
  5. I've got 4 of the Hitachi 80GB Sata-2 in Raid 0, and the best score I've ever gotten on the pit test is 165, and I have 3 different partitions set up and the partitions always differ by about 25 points on speed. Its on a DFI board with Sata-2, and I've used the feature tool to turn on Sata-2 on the drives as well. They score very well in ATTO, so maybe the pit just doesn't like them, but if anyone has any ideas it might be able to help both markkleb and myself.
  6. I'll join in on the fun with the rig in my sig, by june my RAM issues should be over, and hopefully I'll have my wc going. I won't make the top team for sure, but I'm up for some fun on one of the other teams. Dfi Lanparty Sli-DR, A64 3200+@2.7, OCZ 2x1GB DDR400, XFX 7800GTX Volt modded, 4x Hitachi Sata-2 in Raid 0
  7. loganb http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=18NTPWGBTKCSQPBQ Pit Score 2937 CPU 887 RAM 1013 Video 705 HDD 284 A64 3200 7800 GTX No Dual, yet Challange Score 2232
  8. Here's my newest score with the 7800GTX I just got a hold of, its volt modded so once I get my wc going it'll really scream, the previous owner had it running at 710/1790 so I'll see what I can do with it. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=18NTPWGBTKCSQPBQ
  9. I have 4 of the hitachi 80GB sata-II, I love them, they're 50 bucks a pop, not loud at all, and reliable. 2 of those for 110-115 with shipping and you've got yourself a pretty fast array and a decent amount of storage.
  10. I'm going to agree that you're going to want to make a new psu your next investment. Anything from OCZ, PC P&C, or Seasonic are good bets, they're stable as a rock, the OCZ's are adjustable, and have about twice as many 12V amps as yours does. One thing to probably stay away from is any power supply that is modular, as they're cool looking and make cable managment easier assuming you don't need to use all the cables, but the contacts on them aren't great and will cause shorts in the future. You'll have to pay for a high quality new one, the OCZ 600W and PC P&C 600W are both around 200 bucks, but you can find some good deals on ebay and off other forums from people upgrading, but the money will be well worth it.
  11. Gonna agree with the previous posts, go with the xp-90c and a medium or high flow fan. I'm using the medium flow panaflow fan, and i'm sitting at 29 idle temps, 35 load.
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