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  1. Andrew..firstly, I just LOVE your sign off about women! So true! 2nd...the Start Up programs... I approached in a minimal way. What is essential to launch at start up....and for me, that was my wireless router....and my McAfee suite (for protection). Anything else, I can easily manually launch so I'm down to just 2 start up progs. You have 5 so I'm kinda interested in the 3 maybe important points I'm missing!!! At the end of the day, I guess we could all get it down to 0 and just manually launch eveything in a sensible order...ie, protection before internet connection, (gosh, that sounds so much like a school sex education policy!)...! But in PC terms, I mean, launch McAfee, then my internet connection.......anything else, I choose manually. PS - (re your sign off)...In your defence, I know it's been scientifically proven and I watched it on tv...and it DID help me to understand (or rather take it easier on my hubby), that you just ain't programmed physically or mentally to multitask! Did it make me more understanding of his "inability"...YES....Did it make me more accepting of his inability..Yes. Did it make me more tolerant of his inability.....HELL NO! But he understands that too........so we accept each others foibles! (Except when he's driving and asks me for directions.... I have a better sense of direction, but even with a road map in front of me....I say go this way...he goes the opposite and we always end up arguing about directions! Does that ring a bell? He asks for them (to be nice), I tell him which way (to get there on time)....he goes somewhere else (but argues its my fault for not telling him right????). I end up quiet and grumpy but totally accepting wherever we might end up. I see it as an adventure! When we get there, he says it's totally not where he expected and how could I have misguided him to this point?! That's when the arguments start! OK - that went WAY off track .......so let's get back on! PC stgartup stuff..... Thanks......Celine
  2. Thank you Adamsappleone.....I do indeed have the latest version of Flash and Java.....the only one I'm not familiar with is the OpenDNS link? Don't know what that is or what it links too or what it does...so I've passed on that one out of my sheer ignorance of it! Cheers...Celine
  3. You're so right! I have learned over some years that toolbars insidiously attach themselves to stuff you download! So I'm very conscious to uncheck that box each time ....as should everyone else who reads this. But you made me double check...and thankfully, the only toolbar I have running even as an option is the McAfee Site Advisor one..which I don't really need to display cos McAfee just does his job in the background with my full approval..hence I don't need to see his "tool"! But yes, I've dumped any google or yahoo or ask or any other toolbar offered me! Thanks for the suggestion....I'm sure others will learn not to be sucked in by them too! Celine
  4. Thank you everyone very much for all your suggestions, especially Alan2273! Having read through all of them and taken a look at each, I decided upon ccleaner (alan2273), namely because it's free, it offered a back up of the registry before any clean and it had some really good comments from existing users. Once I installed it, I also discovered it has a tutorial to go with it (pretty basic but at least it did explain the different options in layman terms). It seems to work very quickly too and the registry back ups preclean were very easy. I found it easy to use and got pretty efficient on it very quickly! The only minor point is that, when you analyze and it gives you a list of all the "issues", then clean those issues (and I'm pretty convinced that it did only take out invalid, useless files cos each time I restarted, there weren't any problems at all).....that it didn't seem to clean everything at once. I would double check by hitting "Analyze" again and it would come up with a shorter list which I'd clean (fix) again...then analyze and get a shorter list again until there was 0 listed! But it normally only took the initial plus one extra go to get everything. So I'm pretty impressed with it for anyone who's interested. The only remaining question I have about it, is regarding the Start Up option (where you can select what you do and don't want to run at Start Up). I haven't mastered that at all and in fact I'm a bit confused by it. Perhaps it's my ignorance of what the names listed actually relate to....as 99% of them don't mean anything to me...except perhaps ieexplorer.exe and belkin. (my wireless router). I have also tried Start/Run/Msconfig.....but again, my ignorance of what the process names mean is making me very cautious. Plus, I did try selecting each of normal, diagnostic and selective Start Up options but when I applied and OK'd .....then I'd get a message saying I'd have to be signed on as an administrator to be able to make the changes. But I only have one user account - me - and I am/it is set up as an administrator account, so I don't understand that part. Any advice on the start up bits please???? Finally, running ccleaner hasn't necessarily made my PC noticeably faster, although I did gain +3% hard disc space back so I'm still not really sure why my internet connection is so slow and why it takes so long to load youtube (or any other) videos? Any other ideas anyone??? Many thanks again..........Celine
  5. Hi, hope I'm posting this in the right place. I have a 3.5yr old Dell Dimension 5150 running Windows XP. My hard drive has 150GB capacity, 120 of which is free. I have a Belkin N1 Wireless router and broadband (not sure of the exact speed though). My problems is basically speed of things loading up, either from Start Up or just uploading digital photos and certainly when loading up youtube vids. Also my photo thumbnails don't always display. I do regular maintenance such as deleting temp files, cookies, browsing history, prefetch, disc clean up and disk defragmenting (practically weekly), as well as deleting/refreshing Outlook Express dbx files. I'm not particularly PC au fait but more than just a newbie. It seems all things point to perhaps my Registry not being as good as it should be. (I do download a lot of apps, try them...but then I do uninstall them again...and delete any remaining files from my C drive). Anyway, I was considering purchasing a Registry Cleaner but am really nervous about it as I don't want to do more harm than good through ignorance! I have no idea what any individual file in the registry means or relates to so how can I tell which I'm supposed to delete and which I'm supposed to keep? When a reg cleaner scans and identifies "invalid" files, are these really truly unnecessary ones? I have seen a few ads on here and was considering buying Max Registry Cleaner and wonder if anyone knew it and would advise me. (Max Registry cos it has a registry back up before scanning and deleting and you can restore deleted registry files from the back up). Actually any advice from anyone about reg cleaners would be greatly appreciated considering my lack of experience. In fact, any advice on whether this might even be the problem (or something else) would be also! Many thanks......Celine
  6. Yep, did all that. Adapter installed, router installed, all lights permanently on on front of router and able to access internet via it. Just send/receive in Outlook and OE didn't work, despite also having my settings as Never Dial A Connection. I've since cracked the problem though!! Although I was saying never dial a connection, and the new router was connecting me to the internet, the outlook connection thought it was still using my old modem. So, for Outlook Express, I simply had to go Tools/Account, click on each email account/properties/connection and UNCHECK the "Connect to this account using"..cos in the box underneath it said the name of my old modem. For Outlook I went through the same but there is no box to uncheck. I simply changed the check to Connect via IE or a 3rd party connection. Once I'd done that for both, I could successfully send and receive emails from both. WHOOPEE!!! AND, I've been back to check the settings and noticed that because of the above settings, both Outlook and OE have automatically changed themselves/defaulted to connect via LAN. So all is once well in my world........better in fact. Thought I'd share in case it helps anyone else out too. Many thanks....Celine
  7. I have a Dell Dimension 5150 running Windows XP. Not wireless enabled. Was connecting to my ISP and outlook express via my ISP provided USB broadband modem/router. Today, successfully installed a Belkin Wireless N adapter and router. All running smoothly and can connect easily to the internet. I haven't changed ISP so still using their service, if not their modem/router. Belkin support told me that once my wireless connection had been maintained successfully for 30 mins, I could detach the cables at the back to be truly wireless (by which they said they meant the yellow ethernet cable that ran between my PC and new Belkin router. I did this and, as expected, the blue "wired" light went off on the router display. I had been able to successfully Send/Receive emails whilst this wire was still attach and the light still on. Since I detached it, whenever I try to send/receive via Outlook or Outlook express, it fails because it's still looking for the old Zoom PPP dial up connection. I've already got the settings on Never Dial a Connection and I've even removed Zoom PPP as my default connection. I don't know how to get it to use the wireless connection to send/receive my Outlook and Outlook Express emails. Belkin say if I have a successful internet connection, it's not a router problem but one that Dell should help me with. Course the chat line support is closed now and I desperately need to get this working tonight..........it's my little boy's birthday in 2 days and the whole reason for going wireless in the first place is so I can connect his present to it.... a Nintendo Wii! when I bought this adapter and router kit I was told it was easy peasy to set up.....and I've already put in 4 phone calls to Belkin tech support just to get this far!!! So am worried that setting the Wii up is going to be fraught with difficulties too. Please can anyone help me get my Outlook and Outlook Express send/receiving through my new wireless connection/network PLEASE???? Many thanks....Celinee
  8. Hi - I have a Dell Dimension 5150 running Windows XP sp2. I've just noticed that my latest folder of short avi movies won't display thumbnails. When I change the view to thumbnail, a McAfee Security Center window pops up saying... Buffer Overflow Blocked McAfee has automatically blocked a buffer overflow. About this buffer overflow File: c:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Buffer overflows can cause legitimate programs to fail. Other programs that experience buffer overflows, however, may harm your computer, compromise its security and damage valuable files. - Trust this activity in future - Close this alrert OK I just OK it but don't really understand what's happening. I've tried to find out and gather it's something to do with my settings being set at default rather than higher for my broadband DSL? Somewhere within this site I found instructions to set a restore point and then change the registry to increase my settings BUT I'm pretty scared to do this as I'm not really technical enough. It might also explain why some of the video content I watch online is a bit jumpy (ie youtube) etc. I haven't run any pitstop tests yet - just wondered if anyone could tell me an easier way to get around this AND, if I move my little avi's onto a backup disc, will this prevent the problem, ie do I have to keep the number of avis to a within a certain limit (overflow limit) to be able to see their thumbnails? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. PS - I'm in the UK if that makes any difference. Many thanks.....Celine
  9. Hi - I never used to have this problem but recently, when I view Youtube videos, they keep stopping and starting, so much so that it takes about 5 mins to actually view a 30 second video! Any videos or avi files I have on my Pc open and run smoothly with my video viewing applications (ie Windows Media Player, QuickTime etc). Do I need to adjust settings somewhere to make the Youtube vids play smoothly? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Mel.....have had itunes on my pc for ages. Also, the program associations are fine. Despite the icon being Q, it does open with FinePix Viewer for all files of that type already. I just can't get rid of the Q icon because it seems associated with the file extension, not the file program. The folder icons are fine as they are. It's just that within the folder, infront of filename.jpg is the Q icon. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Hi, when I go in to Explore a folder, the folder icons themselves are fine but yesterday when I viewed a list of the files within my My Pictures folder/sub-folders, the icon beside each image listed was a little white box with a smaller red box in it. That didn't particularly mean anything to me but I got used to it! Today, the list shows a white box with a pale blue Q in it and JEPG image written underneath it. I want to change it to something more meaningful to me as Q always suggest a Quick Time application to me. I've played around with the folder options and found if I highlight the folder and click on Tools at the top of the screen, then Folder Options, then File Types.......then I get a huge list of icons but these seem to be associated with file extensions. So the icon I had before, as described above, is that associated with JFIF (Jpeg File Interchange Format). Again this means nothing to me other than it's what I had before so am used to it. The pale blue Q seems to the icon for many different files extensions. But I just want to be rid of the Q icon and have a consistent one for all jpeg files so I can differentiate them at a glance from AVI files. My avi files icons also now show a blue Q, whereas before they showed a little yellow disc with a blue arrow pointing upwards them. I'm not sure how they got changed but could someone please help me change them back again to what I'm used to if possible? Thanks.
  12. XillianIX....I checked it out, downloaded the trial and was stunned that it found all 1822 files, jpg's and avi's! You can preview each in the trial version but not actually recover them. To buy it only cost about $40 which I thought worth it. So I did, registered it and recovered them all! GENIUS!! This was exactly what I needed and I'm very very grateful for your suggestion. You're a lifesaver.....THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And it only took about 5 minutes to scan and find....and it was really easy to use, very self explanatory. I'd recommend it to anyone with the same problem. Best wishes...CĂ©line
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