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  1. Juliet

    Happy Birthday Dog Soldier

    Happy Birthday
  2. Juliet

    Happy Birthday Dickster

    Yeah, Happy Birthday!
  3. Juliet

    CB passed away

    ok Happy Birthday in advance! sorry, didn't realize i'm in the wrong forum.
  4. Juliet

    Ghosts or Angels

    It does the soul good to truly help someone. On a different note: If you start finding objects have been moved, hearing growls and cold spots, I can recommend a group to come investigate.
  5. Juliet

    Infinite Alert Hoax/Call this Number Scam

    read that Microsoft was able to remove most of the pages. We got some daring folks out there or should I say the criminal minded.
  6. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    hit the nail on the head there!
  7. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    oh boy
  8. Juliet

    CB my friend.

    This hurts. I know I'm not immediate family and all that but this hit me like a fist to the gut. I've known this man for years, well, like the rest of all you guys and you feel like my family.
  9. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    It's a bad week to be a seal!
  10. Juliet

    caintry boy

    atta boy!
  11. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

  12. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Say, you hang in there. They gonna get you back in to good working order soon.
  13. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Update time, how you doing?