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  1. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Say, you hang in there. They gonna get you back in to good working order soon.
  2. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Update time, how you doing?
  3. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    LOL take that!
  4. Juliet

    personal protection

    today was reading over a couple of security links (provided at another forum) involving info how to better secure down your home/business routers/modems I think, it mostly would involve home users https://www.tomsguide.com/us/home-router-security,news-19245.html then, within this link is another offering help for Identity theft https://www.tomsguide.com/us/identity-theft-what-to-do,news-18696.html
  5. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    It's keeping your mouth shut that does the trick." yea right
  6. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Follow instructions and stay off that foot.
  7. Juliet

    caintry boy

    We're going to get some kind of scooter for you to ride around on.
  8. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    hmmmmm, wonder if he got away?
  9. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

  10. Juliet

    caintry boy

    oh my goodness don't touch that.
  11. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Hey, it's a package deal....everybody would have to come with me since they don't seem to be able to do nothing for themselves here. Man, you want all that? (The eight year old goes with me everywhere thats just standard procedure) LOL My goodness, what we gonna do with you. have they said they might have to replace the vein or place in a stint? Alright, let's get you comfy. Hold onto the remote and put your feet up.
  12. Juliet

    Sunday funnies........

    I enjoy listening to Ron White
  13. Juliet

    caintry boy

    Man, I'm telling you If you stood in front of an Xray machine......you'd have all these little wire things running everywhere. Electrified!
  14. Juliet

    Avast Browser trouble

    Your very welcome