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  1. Our Newest Moderator

    Another one of the good ol' boys! Good deal Tex
  2. It was bad!

    Are you home now?
  3. It was bad!

    holy cow! Was there snow and ice on the road? looks like you were in the boxing ring but worse. I've never seen anyone so bruised up like this before. Your best friend for right now is called 'recliner' you need to call a cab or a friend to drive you from now on dear, you can't go through this again.
  4. Happy Birthday Juliet

    you gonna travel to this cold?, 7 degrees this morning I know I wouldn't Wasn't a party, just went out to eat.
  5. Sunday funnies........

    Don't eat that for Sunday dinner.
  6. Happy Birthday Juliet

    ahhh you guys You make me feel so special. Believe it or not I think I have a hang over but, still functioning this morning. Look at all the sparkles, I feel surrounded by diamonds.
  7. Merry Christmas

    a late Ho Ho Ho
  8. Only 5 more days

    Very glad to hear the baby is doing better.
  9. Only 5 more days

    Tom, how's the grand baby?
  10. Only 5 more days

    That stuff is horrible. Bless his heart.
  11. Only 5 more days

    1 more day 1 more day Dancing a little jig here 1 more day!
  12. Only 5 more days

    Can't say I want much, just praying the FLu stays away from our doorstep. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!
  13. Sunday funnies........

    LOLOLOLOL oh my gosh!
  14. Happy Birthday caintry_boy

    Happy Birthday!