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  1. Hows the web site going Neo... Any info on it yet about what parts we got and whose donated?? And are we going to set up a seperate user name for any and all machines folding with donated parts or just fold under our normal names?? Been thinking too, seeing how I can only afford 2 boxes folding 24/7 might be cheaper if we keep the parts over there until there's enough 2 make the 2 boxes up, but could do with that mem for this P3 1000mhz machine now. AND THANKS AGAIN Bruce for being the first to donate parts.
  2. I would think by doing them that way it would actually work out slower in the long run because of the time taken to break them up and then put them back together so say over a 24 hr period you'd get 2400 points that way but if left the way it is now you'd get 2500 points. Numbers just plucked from air..
  3. What you got md?? I need 512mb pc100,pc133 to get qmd's on this pc I got from my sisters work. Only 2 mem slots tho so needs to be at least 256mb each.
  4. Don't forget all the other folders! specially snake and yes they are pumping out the wu's at a good rate too. Saying that tho, yes seems to have stopped folding..
  5. Think you'll have to find out the cost of shipping Neo and if I can't afford it all then we might have to limit what you send to me. I'm not working so haven't got a lot of money myself, but will pay all shipping costs. I'll pm my address to you in a minute.
  6. Thanks Bruce!! Now it's up to you neo to get it all up and running... Lets hope we can start climbing up the board again or at least stop anyone else passing us...
  7. Sorry to hear you won't be folding for us anymore md but glad your still using the pit.
  8. Yes welcome loganb. but whats wrong with forcing ALL pit members to fold????
  9. I shouldn't think there'll be much left over bruce said he's sending a server case so should think that'll take all the boards you get. Not that I know how many boards a server case holds... . And as for postage I'm sure we can work something out not that I'm in any better financial position than you. Might be better if you make up 2 cases with the parts you get and just send them and pass any left over parts onto someone else. But like you said thats all in the future and depends on what parts you get...
  10. like I said before neo I'll host 2 24/7 and wsrider i think a couple of those pc133 256mb mem are just right for this old pc from my sisters work. Please tell me anyone if I'm wrong. the pc is a compaq deskpro P3 1000Mhz. mem in it now is 64mb pc100-322-620. think thats what sticker said anyway.. With the extra 2pc's that means I'll have 5 folding. 3 24/7.
  11. to find out about hjt logs you'll have to go into the virus/spyware/adware section of the pit, and I can gaurantee that when that card is fitted your son will be over the moon with the way his pc plays games compared to now...
  12. I might be wrong but didn't I read somewhere msrider works at a scrappy and can get loads of memory and boards with cpu's still attached?? I'll see if I can find that post just to check who it was. Found it. It is wsrider but he's broke his heel bone so he's off work for a while..
  13. I just got an old pc from my sister's work place P3 1000hz that I've set up for folding but its only got 64mb memory and only 2 slots for mem. So if after you've set up what you can neo and there's any spare memory left over you know where to send it..
  14. OH NO YOUR NOT!!! YES is now... Your second if you read it last week...and I'm 4th..
  15. After reading the thread I'd also post a hjt log in that part of the pit coz it sounds like his pc is slowing up anyway if games he could play before are starting to act up, and this sounds to me like it could be virus related. i'm no expert but it wouldn't do any harm.
  16. nice link intel and I agree with his conclusion..
  17. no probs just sorry I missed all the action.... p.s. glad your not leaving the team with the way you fold... p.p.s. who's folding as "YES" he's going to be right up there too at the rate he's folding 450 points a day. :beer:
  18. MB what differance does it make if us AMD owner's want to use the hack to fold QMD's anyway?? surely it's for the benifit of the Team and mankind!! And before you ask no I am not planning on using the hack to fold QMD's but if I did I really can't see who loses out.
  19. wouldn't put money on it! :-) but keep up the good work, your really moving up at a good speed. Is there a link where you can see SETI stats as good as this one I use for folding?? http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/tea....php?s=&t=32035
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