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    Windows 10

    why would i need to do that? simple solution is to not use windows and use any other os i like, which by the way are all better than windows in my opinion, so that is exactly what i do. just so happens my os of choice is linux and opensuse, so why would i want to write my own os, which by the way i am more than capable of doing, if i lived long enough that is. one program i wrote was a program so a user could input data into a data base and then display it in any graphical format they required, pie chart, bar graph, line graph, etc that was in 1982 long before windows office was even born, which is what you'd probably use today to do the same thing, incidentally that was the year i built my first pc too and then unlike today you did actually need to use a soldering iron to do so.. probably the thing i'm most proud of is that me and a mate built and programmed a device so a handicapped person could turn on and off up to 4 devices by use of a mercury switch attached to their head seeing how that was all they could move. Oh if i only i knew then what i know now, i could probably have been very wealthy. you want to use windows then that's fine, lots of people do. personally i don't. i'm just the person anyone who knows me comes to, to fix the problems those people who do use it get. actually windows has gotten a lot better over the years and windows 10 is probably the best and safest made yet, if only m$ didn't think they owned my hardware and any software on it then i'd probably have at least 1 windows pc up and running.
  2. terry1966

    Windows 10

    microsoft os is the "serious virus" welcome to the pit realbigswede, and glad to know your happy with the new windows 10 os even though i don't agree with your point of view of microsoft producing the best os. personally i haven't even seen windows 10 os which is unusual because i like to test them out even if i won't actually use them full time on my pc's, but this os version just took to many liberties with my hardware and privacy for me to even consider installing and testing it out even in a vm and so i will only ever get to see/use it when i fix someone else's pc.
  3. wouldn't let that malware m$ likes to call windows 10 anywhere near my machines, even in a vm.. just in case you didn't already know here's another "feature" you might like to check into and disable on your windows 10 os. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/07/31/windows_10_torrent_updates/ seems m$ now thinks it can use every windows 10 pc as a torrent seeder by default to spread it's updates.
  4. lets hope it's viral then, that seems to be the one to get if your unlucky enough to get meningitis at all. best wishes to you and your wife tomk. and caintry if you don't start taking better care i'll send guns back down to you so he can box your ears.
  5. is there any real difference? then yes mate is a lighter gui so is better/faster on older systems. aside from that then no not really your still running mint, even tho things look different, they both can do exactly the same things but maybe have different default apps installed to do those things. http://www.itworld.com/article/2854352/linux-mint-17-1-cinnamon-and-mate-a-hands-on-review.html
  6. there is a way to disable and enable protected mode in firefox that may have worked for you too. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Flash#Flash_Protected_Mode_issues_on_Windows_Vista_and_above
  7. trying to think of the program i always used to install on windows pc's that had a dog bark at you when anything was trying to change system files, but memory is failing me at the moment. winpatrol that was it, :- https://www.winpatrol.com/ was an excellent program to use alongside an av is that still recommended juliet?
  8. well you can always try restoring the pc to an earlier time before you started getting this mysterious popup.
  9. seeing how it's always there when you start your pc, i'd think looking in your start up items to see what's listed there should point you to what it is. this link explains how to disable startup items but will show you how to find your startup list. :- http://www.howtogeek.com/74523/how-to-disable-startup-programs-in-windows/
  10. http://securitywatch.pcmag.com/security-software/326487-microsoft-goes-from-cellar-to-stellar-in-new-antivirus-test top 6. http://www.av-comparatives.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/avc_prevalence_201403_en.pdf bolded by me. like i said in my opinion if you get malware using defender then you'd get it using anything. like juliet says layered protection is what windows users need and not to rely on any anti virus software, also use chrome or firefox as your browser and not ie.
  11. stick with windows defender is my recommendation, if you're unlucky enough to get malware using that then in my opinion you'd have gotten the malware anyway using any of the other free anti virus software. here's another link tho. that completely disagrees with my opinion and says avira is the best :- http://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-antivirus,review-2588-5.html
  12. must admit i'm another who thinks you don't need any other real time av solution than microsofts built in one too. a second on demand scanner like malwarebytes is also recommended also regardless of what real time av you use too.
  13. in my opinion that video is bogus and you really didn't need that registry recycler program, and to be honest i wouldn't recommend anyone download and use it either, stay away from any registry fixing programs is my advice because they can cause a lot more problems than they are supposed to fix. windows doesn't need it's registry cleaning out because there are no performance gains to be made by doing so in the first place. what i believe fixed your problem is running the sfc /scannow command shown at the end of the video which checks windows files and repairs them. http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929833 and that was really all you needed in the first place to fix your problem. personally i'd pop into the malware forum and get your pc checked over, from what i understand that error code used to usually mean you had been infected by malware so even tho things may seem to be working ok now it may not last.
  14. i'd guess a lot of the free anti keylogger programs are malware anyway and actually install a keylogger onto your pc in the first place so personally i wouldn't bother with one but if you do, make sure you do your research on it first before trying it out. like tomk never used one so no recommendations either.
  15. just had a similar problem for some unknown reason so changed my dns server in the router and that seems to have speeded things back up for me. now using opendns instead of the isp's dns server. here's a list of dns servers you can try :- http://pcsupport.about.com/od/tipstricks/a/free-public-dns-servers.htm
  16. this? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003ICY1S4/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_1/180-8056539-8521741?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_r=1RGJ19R0B8EK94DT0D0S&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_p=1944687502&pf_rd_i=B004PEIFZO
  17. so what's the latest? you figured out where the problem is?
  18. yes everything stops and the only time i've ever run into such a problem was when i saturated my upload connection running my ftp server, needing me to limit the amount of bandwidth it could use. you sure nothing/ nobody in your home is uploading anything maybe a cloud backup program or something, might be worth going into the router settings and blocking each device connected to the network one by one and see if you can narrow the problem down to a single device or something.
  19. yes it is, but you'd have to be doing something to saturate your bandwidth like uploading a video file or something to take such a hit on your speeds so i'd think you'd know if it was anything your doing that was causing such dismal speeds. don't you have a network expert working for you who can explain or further diagnose where your problem may be? still don't like that 2nd step request timed out in your trace, that definitely points to a problem somewhere to me, after all it should be the first step to your isp provider which is out side your lan. think the first step would be to log everything in your router and then study them to see if anything jumps out at you. really can't offer any better explanations or advice because i don't know a lot about networking, but if your upload is saturated then it is unable to handshake for the downloads so you get packet collisions and slowdowns far as i understand how things sort of work.
  20. that step 2 that timed out looks suspicious to me, not being anywhere near a networking expert or really understanding how things work, i'd guess all your problems are caused by that initial connection to your isp, so again i'd think i'd get them out to check your line. being in uk my traceroute is going to be completely different to yours but here's 2 i did, first is to yahoo.com 2nd is to the same ip as your last hop. mainpc:/home/suse13-1 # traceroute www.yahoo.com traceroute to www.yahoo.com (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( 0.480 ms 0.576 ms 0.675 ms 2 host-92-21-160-1.as13285.net ( 14.034 ms 14.186 ms 14.276 ms 3 host-78-151-230-139.as13285.net ( 21.208 ms 21.306 ms 23.611 ms 4 host-78-151-230-134.as13285.net ( 25.147 ms host-78-151-230-142.as13285.net ( 32.384 ms host-78-151-230-136.as13285.net ( 33.384 ms 5 host-78-144-0-157.as13285.net ( 32.805 ms host-78-144-8-241.as13285.net ( 33.293 ms ( 36.402 ms 6 host-78-144-10-144.as13285.net ( 42.602 ms ge-1-1-0.pat1.the.yahoo.com ( 17.333 ms host-78-144-10-140.as13285.net ( 17.109 ms 7 ge-1-1-0.pat1.the.yahoo.com ( 44.562 ms ae6.pat2.iry.yahoo.com ( 28.497 ms ge-1-1-0.pat1.the.yahoo.com ( 45.262 ms 8 ae6.pat2.iry.yahoo.com ( 31.430 ms ae-3.msr1.ir2.yahoo.com ( 30.753 ms 31.617 ms 9 et-17-9.bas2-2-prd.ir2.yahoo.com ( 36.929 ms et-18-10.bas2-2-prd.ir2.yahoo.com ( 34.174 ms et-17-18.bas1-2-prd.ir2.yahoo.com ( 37.070 ms 10 et-18-10.bas2-2-prd.ir2.yahoo.com ( 37.201 ms et-17-18.bas2-2-prd.ir2.yahoo.com ( 37.332 ms * mainpc:/home/suse13-1 # traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( 0.348 ms 0.396 ms 0.457 ms 2 host-92-21-160-1.as13285.net ( 11.775 ms 12.896 ms 12.948 ms 3 host-78-151-230-139.as13285.net ( 15.560 ms 16.786 ms 18.020 ms 4 host-78-151-230-136.as13285.net ( 18.476 ms 19.210 ms host-78-151-230-134.as13285.net ( 20.182 ms 5 host-78-144-0-159.as13285.net ( 27.344 ms host-78-144-11-45.as13285.net ( 25.370 ms host-78-144-11-49.as13285.net ( 26.121 ms 6 ge-1-1-0.pat1.the.yahoo.com ( 28.075 ms 25.205 ms 26.068 ms 7 ae8.pat1.nyc.yahoo.com ( 114.978 ms ge-1-1-0.pat1.the.yahoo.com ( 18.766 ms 17.730 ms 8 ae-2.pat1.bfz.yahoo.com ( 117.214 ms ae8.pat1.nyc.yahoo.com ( 104.391 ms 104.275 ms 9 ae-2.pat1.bfz.yahoo.com ( 114.220 ms 114.481 ms ae-3.msr1.bf1.yahoo.com ( 111.266 ms 10 ae-4.msr1.bf1.yahoo.com ( 114.915 ms ae-3.msr2.bf1.yahoo.com ( 114.218 ms UNKNOWN-98-139-129-X.yahoo.com ( 111.025 ms 11 UNKNOWN-72-30-22-X.yahoo.com ( 116.513 ms xe-1-2-1.clr1-a-gdc.bf1.yahoo.com ( 108.747 ms xe-2-2-1.clr1-a-gdc.bf1.yahoo.com ( 117.927 ms 12 UNKNOWN-72-30-22-X.yahoo.com ( 116.187 ms po-15.bas2-7-prd.bf1.yahoo.com ( 116.915 ms UNKNOWN-72-30-22-X.yahoo.com ( 115.207 ms 13 * * po-12.bas1-7-prd.bf1.yahoo.com ( 114.824 ms
  21. bet you can stream video (not hd video tho.) jacee even tho. it's so slow as long as it's a constant speed (like indy's test) and not fluctuating up and down like robs does.
  22. for the speeds your getting you might as well be paying for the basic package. personally i'd suspect there's a fault on your line with such dismal speeds and get them out to check it unless the speeds dramatically increase at certain times of day.
  23. if things are that bad have you looked into using a 4g mobile connection for your internet or even satellite?
  24. sorry no idea what you mean by wire hookups? and without having a clue on the design or placement of the pc when in use it is hard to recommend anything anyway, personally i'd stick to how a normal pc case is layed out even tho this is going to be a cube case. so power and motherboard connections at the back, power switch,reset switch, etc etc on or near the top front.
  25. awareness is key i agree, and why it's nice to see such topics. as to anti-virus software being any use then that's where we digress and disagree, in my opinion that's no better than using a fly swatter to stop a bullet, but they are great for telling you "the horse has bolted because you left the stable door open."
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