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  1. ok got everything installed and working that i need on leap42 original kernel (think it's 4.1), still has issues/bugs but nothing that is a show stopper at the moment, so going to let mythtv run for a week and see if there's any issues with that, if not then i'll take it round my daughters.


    quite impressed with the flirc adaptor too, makes setting up a remote for mythtv really simple and it works great so far.


    even with all my issues i think i still want to build myself a new skylake system. :laughing:



  2. big problem with that tho. bruce, no room on itx motherboard or in the tiny case for a graphics card because the quad tv tuner is using the only pcie slot.


    i'll start fresh tomorrow and see what i can accomplish, can't even get the tv tuner drivers to install in leap42 at the moment for some unknown reason, i could live with dolphin crashing just as long as mythtv worked but can't even get around to testing myth until i can get the tuners driver to work, just 1 frustration after another at the moment. :laughing:



  3. if that's the cause of all my problems bruce then i'm stuck up a river without a paddle coz i really don't know what else i can do to fix an intel driver problem after installing the latest stable kernel. :laughing:



  4. that's all the repo's i usually have to except for the nvidia repo.


    boot time is not what i'm curious about, even though the boot time is still faster for 13.2 on this system but nothing much in it both boot in seconds, 13.2 is almost instant.


    it's when i'm rebooting leap42 it takes ages, so it's the shutdown time that is long, well 2 minutes seems long to me. :mrgreen:

    i don't remember any previous os taking so long to shutdown or reboot before, at first i thought it was something to do with btrfs but now i'm using ext4 it must have something to do with the os writing files ready for next startup or something.


    going to add those repo's now and do a dup and see if it fixes things if not then i think i'll start again with 13.2 run some tests find out what does and doesn't work with that distro and see if i can find solutions/drivers to fix that.


    seems easier to me than starting with leap42 and trying to figure out why dolphin is crashing when entering the dev folder at the moment, wish i could make up my mind and stick to trying to solve one problem at a time instead of getting frustrated and keep swapping. :laughing:



  5. caintry i've done a clean install of different os' that many times i'm in danger of killing this flash drive before i've got a working problem free system i'm happy with. :rofl3: (not laughing at your question just the amount of times i've clean installed the os.)

    last time i did a speed test on it tho. the result was over 2000 MB/s so am still awed by it's performance and want one in my next pc. :mrgreen:


    bruce what repo's do you have installed for your leap42 system?


    also what's your reboot time? on this system it takes nearly 2 minutes before it shuts down to start the reboot yet in 13.2 it's only seconds. (by the way using ext4 partitions now not the defaults.)


    i've tried loads of different things even tumbleweed but can never seem to get everything working for one reason or another (same issues in tumbleweed as there are in leap42.).


    i keep getting frustrated and walking away before my head hurts to much, gives me time to relax and think of new things to try.

    13.2 works with a couple of issues, leap42 works with a couple of issues, issues different in both os so what i really need is to merge both somehow so i have a leap13.2 system where everything works. :laughing:


    when i get back to it i'm going to add these kde repo's and see if they fix the dolphin crash problem in leap.

    Version: Leap 42.1
        Extra: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Extra/openSUSE_Leap_42.1/
        Applications: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Applications/openSUSE_Leap_42.1/


  6. i can't remember getting this frustrated working on any new build before, every time i think 1 problem is fixed another shows up, that kernel update fixed most of the problems i'd seen in leap42 like failing to resume correctly after screen locking bruce but now i'm getting other problems like dolphin crashing every time i try and browse the /dev folder to try and work out why the tv card drivers won't load/work even though they seemed to build and install correctly.


    i'm going round and round in circles at the moment with leap42. :laughing:


    as to 13.2 the updated kernel fixed the sound issue but broke everything else (slight exaggeration) eg. no video player will play a dvd they all just crashed but think i'll go back to 13.2 and work on that for a while and see if i can get things working there, leap42 is just giving me a headache at the moment. :rofl3:



  7. well it's been another frustrating day with nothing resolved. :laughing:


    anyway to cut a very very long story short i now have a system with 13.2 and leap42 installed, (you wouldn't believe the hassles i've had installing 13.2, no idea what difference there is between 13.2 and leaps grub2 installation but only leaps will boot from the nvme drive.) leap42 is nothing but bugs so far, to many to mention, 13.2 works great EXCEPT!! no sound through tv hdmi connection (only way i can connect this build to any screen i have and is what will be used when round my daughters.) so working on it is a pain to start with, either sitting on the floor in front of the tv or straining to read what's on the screen from my settee. :rofl3:


    saw a fix for 13.2 for the sound which was to update the kernel from the stable repo like you mention bruce, haven't got around to trying it yet but will definitely try it with leap42 too.


    must admit i quite like the look of leap if it wasn't for all my problems souring me on it.




    i'm sure i'll get it all sorted eventually. :laughing:



  8. could well be bruce, after all it is a new skylake intel chip with built in gpu so could definitely be an intel driver problem, always the risk we take when building a pc with the newest hardware/chipsets with linux.


    going to install 13.2 to check things out and if everything is ok there then i'll probably give leap another shot and see if i can sort out the problems i'm experiencing.


    can't remember if 13.2 uses a newer kernel than leap 42.1 so might need to check that out too.



  9. it's supposed to be suse newest and greatest os, but to be honest it's bad enough to make me think about looking for a new operating system. :laughing:


    going to install 13.2 at least i'm more used to that so if there are any hardware problems i won't have the added frustration of trying to find my way around a new os too.



  10. it's p-ing me off big time at the moment, or i should say the new leap42.1 os is p-ing me off big time, seems to be a bug ridden load of crap to me, no idea what suse are doing but i couldn't recommend leap42 to anyone, going to install 13.2 and see if things work again.



  11. i'm in the middle of building and testing a new high end but lowish power itx htpc for my daughter, total cost about £1000.


    some of the parts list here :-

    cpu :- i7-6700

    motherboard:- gigabyte z170n-wifi

    case :- silverstone mlo5b

    psu :- silverstone st45sf

    memory :- 2x4gb hyperx black

    storage :- 2x2TB samsung m9t

    boot drive :- samsung 250gb sm951nvm

    tv tuner :- tbs 6205

    remote :- flirc + oneforall urc-7960


    now i've only just put it together and am still sorting out updates, software, drivers, etc. etc but am already jealous!!!


    just ran a hdparm test to see what this new m2 boot drive can do and here's the result


    timing cached reads: 31748 MB in 2 seconds =15903.83 MB/sec

    timing buffered disk reads: 194 MB in 0.11 seconds = 1841.62 MB/sec


    now to give you an idea how fast that is, here's my 240gb kingston hyperx savage ssd


    Timing cached reads: 19776 MB in 2.00 seconds = 9901.56 MB/sec
    Timing buffered disk reads: 812 MB in 3.00 seconds = 270.62 MB/sec

    it's held back by my 3GB sata connections but even on 6GB sata i believe it maxes out at about 500 MB/sec


    never even seen raid 0 setups come close to that 1841 MB speed.


    going to run a lot more tests on it later to compare it to my old but high end pc but already know i really really want to build myself a new system now even though the one i have does everything that i need and is fast enough anyway. :rofl3:



  12. you may view it as a fix but don't think anyone else will, nice info to have maybe but certainly not a fix.


    also i think you'll find in a court of law they are living up to their "contractual obligations", after all, as you've found out they sell the product with no minimum speed guarantee and just a max "upto" speed with conditions, such as distance from exchange and congestion.


    so as you do get the full speed except for certain times then i don't think you or anyone else has a leg to stand on unless the laws are changed so they have to sell the product with a guaranteed "minimum" speed at all times.


    what makes things a right pain for you though is you have no other option because they are the only isp provider in your area.


    might be worth seeing what 3/4/5g options are available to you so you can tell time to get stuffed and switch to using the mobile networks, cost might be a big factor there though.


    another option i guess would be satellite (about the same cost as your isp i believe, maybe cheaper.) where you'd get the speeds you are getting now without the drop off but at a cost of latency/ping times but that shouldn't make much difference really if your not into playing online games.




    just had a thought weather may play a big part in satellite reliability.

  13. i'm confused now.



    Based on my frustrations, we will be coming out with a product that hopefully will fix this.


    so if the problem is with time warner not having the bandwidth capabilities they need for your area and throttle your speed then as far as i can see the only way to get around that is to setup your own isp service and lay the extra cables/fibre needed for the extra bandwidth so is that the "product" your coming out with, your own isp service? certainly no home pc software is going to be able to fix a physical limitation from the isp side of things.



  14. agree or not it's just trolling in my opinion because it had nothing to do with helping solve the problem the topic is about.


    ok justins moaning and blaming everything on america and everyone/thing else does get on my nerves too, but personally i try and ignore it (don't always succeed though, just like geewhiz couldn't this time. :rofl3: ) because i think he may have personal issues and it helps him to vent every now and then in his posts.


    i think if i was a mod i'd just hide posts 13,15,16,17,18. :mrgreen:


    political discussion is where you really want to post such comments justin, there you can vent all you like. ;)




    Well if that's what is going on, then that should be outlawed for the ISPs to be allowed to do such a thing. Why should I have to wait 20 minutes for my email to load up just because they are greedy?

    can't say for sure that's what's going on but does look like it to me.


    thing to do is log into your account and see exactly what you pay for and what your getting, look at your broadband usage too it will all be there in your account details.


    more info here under optimizing your internet :- http://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/internet/#




    another thing you can do is run comcasts/xfinity speed experience test and see what it says :- https://speedexperience.xfinity.com/


    To the best I know there is very little downloading if any lately. I know mom listens to online radio, would that count towards downloading?

    everything counts as downloading, because that is exactly what you do when you connect to the internet.

    so every web page, video, music file, etc. etc. has to be downloaded to your pc first before it can be read, watched. listened to, etc. etc.


    so as an example say your speeds depend on what account type you have, you may find the first 5GB of data per month is transferred at up to say 80Mbs then after that your connection is slowed down to 3Mbs for the remainder of the month before starting again at the fastest speed until you've reached your download limit before slowing down again till the month ends. rinse and repeat on a monthly basis you can still download as much as you want after the slowdown it's just at a much slower speed than your line is capable of.




    another reason may be congestion management.


    Comcast's current congestion management technique If a certain area of the network nears a state of congestion, our congestion management technique will ensure that all customers have a fair share of network access. This technique will identify which customer accounts are using the greatest amounts of bandwidth, and their Internet traffic will be temporarily managed until the congestion period passes. Customers will still be able to do anything they want online, but they could experience longer times to download or upload files or slower web surfing.


    Our technique does not manage congestion based on specific online activities, protocols or applications that a customer uses. Rather, it only focuses on the heaviest users in real time, so that congestion periods tend to be fleeting and sporadic.


    It is important to note that the effect of this technique is temporary and has nothing to do with a customer’s aggregate monthly data usage. Rather, it’s dynamic and based on prevailing network conditions as well as a customer’s data usage over a very recent period of time.



    In any version of Windows you can only revert IE back to the version the OS originally came with. Windows 7 came with IE8 so reverting back to it is possible.Since Windows 10 comes with IE11 there is no version to go back to. At the present time Windows 10 is compatible only with IE11. If there is someday an IE12 and Windows 10 was upgraded to it then reversion to IE11 would be possible, but no further.


    Running IE8 on Windows 10 is not going to happen. That would require major changes to the OS, changes that only Microsoft could make.


    You need to find some other solution to your problem.



    best thing i'd guess is to try viewing the sites with ie11 but in compatibility mode and see if that solves your problem.



    if not then i'd guess the next best work around is to run an older os that uses ie8, eg. win7, in a virtual machine running on the win 10 os..


    probably the best vm software would be either virtualbox or vmware, plus of course you'd need an install disk of windows 7.

    virtualbox :- http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/virtualbox/downloads/index.html

    vmware player :- https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_workstation_player/12_0




    By the same logic we should be able to dispose of our computers completely and still complete the tasks required without them. I like the product.

    really don't see how that follows the same logic, or any logic really. :rofl3:



    I like the product.

    lots do then again lots don't, but i'd offer the same advice to you as indy, use and enjoy it by all means just don't think it's a cure everything program for any/all a pc's problems because it most definitely is not.


    personally i'm a lot more interested in what the problem was with rob's slow, fast, slow connection problem in the first place, he must have finally figured it out otherwise he wouldn't be able to get someone to write a piece of software to stop it happening in future.


    my best guess is some software/wifi device hogging all his upload bandwidth at certain times.




    ooops missed tomks post in between, so added quote at beginning for clarity/continuity.


    PCMajic cures all problems associated with internet connections. Only $29.99 a year!



    if you believe that, i sure hope your job's not pc repairs. :P


    pcmatic cures nothing.


    it's just a one stop piece of software that does a simple bit of regular pc maintenance on a schedule, personally i wouldn't even say it does a particular good job at doing even that but lots of others disagree with my opinion and swear by it.


    i've nothing against people buying and using pcmatic if they don't want to spend the time learning a little about their pc's and then using free software or built in os software to do exactly what pcmatic does to keep things running smoothly but please don't kid yourself that pcmatic is a one stop cure for any problems your pc may be experiencing because it's most definitely not.



  20. mine was reaction time of a 22 year old. 328 milliseconds.


    think they needed a better/larger test sample seeing how i'm 50 with what i'd say were slow reaction times.




    tried again and got the message "we're not sure if your an actual human being" reaction time of 279 milliseconds. :rofl3:

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