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  1. terry1966

    caintry boy

    caintry don't you think you're taking things to the extreme just to go see those nurses? best wishes and take care of yourself.
  2. sorry haven't replied earlier but to be honest your first log doesn't look that bad to me, there's nothing there i'd say was a concentrated attack, or anything that would slow down your internet connection in my opinion. so if restarting the router never fixed the issues then i'd guess the problem would be that some other device was connecting to your network and taking up most of the bandwidth causing your pc to have a slow internet.
  3. terry1966

    Sunday funnies........

    in case some don't get it. 360 degree turn means you're still heading in the same direction.
  4. usually you have a dynamic ip address provided by your isp, so simply turning off your router and then restarting it means your isp will automatically issue you with a new ip address which is different from the one being attacked. this should then solve the problem.
  5. terry1966

    Windows Vista 64 bit

    been a long time since i messed around with a windows pc, but if memory serves there are 2 ways to reinstall the vista os from the recovery partition. first is to use a live cd and just boot the recovery partition which should if my memory isn't playing tricks with me start the recovery options listed same as when you used to tap the f8 key so you can reinstall the os. second is to use a live cd to examine the recovery partition and find the correct boot file and copy it back to mbr so when you tap f8 on boot up the options are again offered. i assume you lost the original functionality of the f8 key by installing a different os which overwrote the original mbr and lost that f8 function you're used to seeing. sorry can't tell you what the correct boot file is that needs writing to the drives mbr, but i seem to remember it taking me a lot of trial and error before i managed to find the correct one, think there were a number of different files in the mbr folder (can't even remember the correct folder name now.).
  6. have you got this working yet kram? if not has he installed the nvidia drivers? what version of opensuse is he running, tumbleweed or leap? can't run any tests myself because i don't currently have 2 nvidia cards, but from memory i don't think i needed to do anything special after i'd installed the nvidia repo and installed the nvidia-glG04 driver.
  7. i think you're talking about the 2TB address limitation, this is a mbr partitioning physical address limitation and not necessarily a bios or uefi issue. yes bios or legacy usually uses mbr so has a 2 TB limit where as uefi uses the newer gpt partitioning so doesn't have this 2TB address limit. the limit may be overcome with a bios update. my pc uses bios and not uefi yet with a bios update i am able to have a single 4TB partition instead of having to create two 2TB partitions on there before the bios update. more info about mbr vs gpt :- https://www.howtogeek.com/193669/whats-the-difference-between-gpt-and-mbr-when-partitioning-a-drive/
  8. terry1966

    Adobe flash player

    did you get this working? am curious because i thought google chrome automatically blocked flash from working now and needed a manual change to it's settings before it allows flash to work. if memory serves i think they did this to make web sites use html5 instead of flash to play media. personally i use firefox on linux so haven't tested out chrome to check how things now work with it.
  9. terry1966

    Gateway SX2110G - disable on board video

    silly question maybe but after connecting the video card do you move the cable from the onboard video output to the cards video output? usually in my experience the video card is automatically used as first output device now and doesn't need a bios setting to be set first before it works.
  10. terry1966

    Happy Birthday firekracker

    :cheers::birthday::cheers: :b33r:
  11. terry1966

    caintry boy

    happy to hear you're both doing well, and like everyone else has said just take things easy and look after each other.
  12. terry1966

    Infinite Alert Hoax/Call this Number Scam

    curious but why not just use an addon to stop java scripts in the first place, also not sure about the idea of calling those numbers to try and take up their time and force them out of business. easiest thing for them to do is make their phone numbers a premium number where they get paid a certain amount of money every time it's called and the longer you're on it the more money they get..
  13. terry1966

    Need help installing drivers for R9 280 vid card

    ok. how you getting on? see if this link helps :- https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=229229