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  1. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

    Well I'll never be in "good" working order hon' but maybe I'll be working!
  2. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

    I'm doing good gorgeous! My physical therapist is about to wear me out but that's expected. I follow up with wound care on the 16th and praying for a good report then. Thanks for asking "Sugah Plum"!
  3. caintry_boy

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    https://thehungersite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/bcs/home?gg_source=ctgtabs&gg_medium=sitenav&gg_campaign=trs All tabs clicked!
  4. caintry_boy

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    All tabs clicked!
  5. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

  6. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

  7. caintry_boy

    Friday Night Video's

    I used to LOVE these guys!
  8. caintry_boy

    Recommended Browser and email service

    My browser recommendation would be Firefox and use the "new private tab" option More info here > https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/
  9. caintry_boy

    High Level Threat scan being skipped

    Check PC Matic in the scan options and ensure that you have the full scan enabled.
  10. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

    Doing much better now! Home Health was out yesterday and got me initiated and changed the dressing on my foot. They'll be back tomorrow and I believe that they'll put my wound vac back on so that I heal faster. Trying desperately Tomk_! The last couple of days have been better and I think we're gonna have some more good days ahead. Sure don't want y'all communicatibg from cardiac wards all over the world!
  11. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

    Wow, what a fiasco! I got home around 6pm yesterday with a wound vac on my foot again and by 8pm it was blocked. Karen and I have changed one or two in the past so we tried again only to have an epic FAIL. Bleeding profusely from the wound and wound up with an ambulance ride to the new SMH South @ 159th and 69 Hwy. They put on a new vac head and cannister and bandaged the foot, sending us home only to find out that when we got home the wound vac was full and blocked again AND I had bled through the bandage! Here we go to Ft Scott ER and they were able to stop the bleeding and bandage my foot again. This was an all nighter and no sleep for either Karen or I! My thanks to ARNP Lynieta (sp?) Leisure at Mercy on the great care she gave AND for breakfast! 😏
  12. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

    Thanks humbluemoon! "Sur"? That's like putting an elevator in an outhouse...
  13. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

  14. caintry_boy

    caintry boy

    Yes ma'am!