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  1. Trying to run Overdrive and getting this. Also can't run the bandwidth test, I just get a ginormous black square... Ideas, suggestions?
  2. IE 11 problem

    I also think the Overdrive test should work with a browser other than "innertube explorer" and one that you don't need to add Neptune the King of the Ocean Depths to and maybe it'll work. edit: still no Overdrive for me this morning...:( edit #2: maybe because I don't have SP1 yet?
  3. Overdrive Error

    Could be nigsy, I'll get it tomorrow! 😉
  4. Clean install of Win 7 and trying to run Overdrive gives this error message
  5. IE 11 problem

    Well a repair install wouldn't let me use the "C" drive because it had an MBR...grrrr! Ran Killdisk and erased the "C" drive, same result (did this twice with no help). I'm now running on a 1Tb Samsung drive that I got from Tx Redneck (thanks Bry!) about a year and a half ago. It's a fresh install of Win 7 Ultimate and all seems well. So far... Now to connect the old drive and save all my "important" stuff to the new drive.
  6. IE 11 problem

    No good Nigel! It gives the same error message as above, "IE did not finish installing..." Reinstall here I come...
  7. IE 11 problem

    IE is now absent from the Quick Launch menu AND the Start Menu/All Programs. I've gone to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer and located iexplore.exe right clicked and Run as Admin, still no joy... Maybe time for a repair install of 7??
  8. IE 11 problem

    IE 11 has just stopped working...when I go to the Start menu/All Programs and right click IE11 and Run as Admin, I get this popup saying it has stopped working. If I try and install a fresh download of IE11 then I get the message that IE did not finish installing... Where do I go from here? Wondering if my PC Matic has got it borked? edit: I might mention that I went through Control Panel and reset Internet Explorer to no avail...BTW, this is Win 7 x64
  9. compaq cq5110f help

    Good to see you posting dog_soldier even if it is because of problems... Don't be a stranger!
  10. Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    I've been forgetting this since I'm using my FireStick more nowadays to watch TV...got to try and do better! All tabs clicked!
  11. Sunday funnies........

    True dat! 😆
  12. Supershield Updates

    I believe if you right click PC Matic and Run as Administrator, when it opens go to Options/Scan Options and change the setting to "Update Vulnerable Apps" to On that should fix your problem. Anyone else? Tx? Y kawika?
  13. Low 3D video score

    If you change the settings for Screen Resolution from "High Color 32bit" to "True Color 16bit" does it make a difference in the 3D score? (inquiring minds wanna know )