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  1. virus warning

    I use chrome for my browser
  2. virus warning

    I keep getting this virus warning that I know is fake, how can I stop this from happening? I don't click or call anyone, I just hit the x in upper right corner of screen and it goes away. Just curious if anyone else has been getting this also.Seems my windows defender isn't taking care of the problem,if it is the problem, thinking of going back to my free avast antivirus
  3. Windows 10 antivirus

    You're right beagle1, it does stop working after another antivirus has been downloaded. Thank you both for your input!
  4. Windows 10 antivirus

    I have an asus laptop which came with windows defender already installed I.have been reading about it and it doesn't have great reviews. Would you recommend I download another antivirus and if so should windows defender be removed first? I did have the free version of avast before this computer and was satisfied with it.
  5. Wallpaper

    How ironic, when I saw your response, I remembered that I had that same site you mentioned. Yes, they are pretty good. Thanks Tx
  6. Wallpaper

    Can someone suggest a site where I can download wallpaper to my desktop? Thanks
  7. Old computer

    Thank you Nigsy.
  8. Old computer

    My old computer wouldn't work so I took it to be fixed. He and his partner did their best but couldn't get it to boot up. I have had the hard drive removed and now would like to know if the computer would be safe to throw out, or do I have to have it recycled
  9. Microsoft Warning Alert FAKE

    I got hit with a virus and it said to call microsoft. After checking with my computer guy, he told it was a scam and it's a good thing I didn't call the "microsoft" number. Had to take computer in cause virus wouldn't go away with just a reboot
  10. Gmail

    Thank you for your answer
  11. Gmail

    Why don't my email addresses show up in my contacts? I know I put them in there when I set up the account. I have Gmail
  12. windows 10 updates

    Thank you for your reply, it finally finished the update!!!
  13. windows 10 updates

    My computer won't stop trying to update, it's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!
  14. Adobe flash player

    Thank you both for your input, I will try after these downloads get finished.....
  15. windows 10 updates

    Can someone please tell my why it should take over 2 days for my windows 10 computer to download updates! I'm really getting frustrated