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  1. The 6 mbs speed offered by Comcast is not a guaranteed speed and more often than not you will not achieve this speed. In fact, you should not even consider it an average speed. On any given day at any given time you will experience speeds ranging from 4 to 6 mbs and there may be even occasions you catch it at the right time and achieve a speed greater than 6 mbs. I, too, have a 6 mbs Comcast service and learned long ago that the fine print of your service agreement refers to speeds "up to 6 mbs." It is still a very good service and far exceeds what my telco offers for DSL.
  2. So, fragged one...what is your point?
  3. The risk may be greater than you think. Licensors such as 20th Century -- which owns the Simpsons -- are very aggressive in protecting their properties. Even little personal websites can be the recipients of rather tough and enforceable letters. Just try putting Mickey Mouse on your website and see the response you get from Disney. As a licensee myself of several major brand characters I can speak with some authority on this subject. And, to comment that "licenses are overrated," I'm not sure what that means except to say that when you have millions invested in something you own, you don't take kindly to someone who borrows your property without permission. Don't mean to make a federal case out it...but it is a federal case.
  4. Despite whether it is cheesy, lame or cool...if you don't own a license to use the Simpson characters, you can add to the list..."illegal."
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