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  1. strukt

    MP3 Players

    Apple iPod Touch 16gb for me. It does all I want it to. Audio, Pics, Video, Wifi, Mail, Games, Apps. Can't complain!
  2. Seems like an awful lot of things to do just to get it to run better. Maybe I'm just lazy.
  3. CC, I understand that you had nothing to work with. How often do you create an image for someone and they give you something to start with? I understand that you created an "abstract" page to give him an idea of what you can do etc. Why waste time putting in stretched, pixelated, unattractive images for a background when you could just make one RIGHT, the first time? I'm more than sure the images that you did post are nothing along the lines of what he wants created. Great, nice to see that you created the images to the exact size he needs for his web page, congrats... but why do I need to know that information? I could honestly care less about what programs you do use, but I figured if you do use Adobe CS3 Master Collection you would at least know how to cut an image out properly. Simple things like font choices, backgrounds, colors, composition etc would really help you... but I guess you know all that stuff considering you've been "working with computers for over 30 years", right? You've been working with computers for almost 10 years longer than I've been alive, congrats! Just because you've been using them for longer, doesn't mean you've got more knowledge about certain things. I know I'm much better than yourself, but there's no need for me to show you.
  4. Anybody have a game stop receipt for me?
  5. That's all that matters Nice looking phone none the less!
  6. It's a nice phone, I was going to get one a while ago myself (well, different phone... but same style/concept). I personally couldn't deal with having a WHOLE touch screen phone. It'd annoy me, especially trying to type out messages.
  7. There isn't a way to "convert" an image file with type to a document file. Like Bruce said, "start typing".
  8. You should be looking for something more professional. If you do.. make sure you get the images cut out properly so there aren't any edges or "jaggies" around it. Add me to msn and we can work on getting what you want. I don't think any of the images that Computer Crasher posted are better than the one you had originally. I don't see how a space background matches a computer site? Anyways, not critiquing his, just saying you should probably considering making a better one yourself or finding someone who knows what they're doing to create one for you.
  9. Prices seem almost $10-$20+ higher than the place I shop at. Ill pass
  10. The red x's that show when you fail the test are WAY too big. It's way too busy for me as well, i feel overwhelmed with the ammount of information in such a small place.
  11. K, I'll go with the 3870 haha There are many pros and cons to each. I think I'm just going to be going with a 3870 no matter what. I rarely will be playing Crysis anyhow. Either way, any one of these cards smoke my 1950 pro.
  12. Damn. I didn't see that haha. I can always wait for the price to drop again. I don't have any money yet anyways, I was just checking for options! If the price ends up being the same, I'll go for the 8800gt. But when the time comes and the prices are that big of a difference... then I'll definitly go for a 3870 or 3850.
  13. How is there an $80 difference? The 8800gt is $239... http://www.infonec.com/site/main.php?modul...l&id=351342 The 3870 is $239... http://www.infonec.com/site/main.php?modul...l&id=351289 The 3850 is $209... http://www.infonec.com/site/main.php?modul...l&id=351164
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