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  1. Data Recovery from mac air book

    OK. I belive the ssd is a PCIe its a 2015 air. So i guess im gonna hook it up in my linux pcie slot (hope that works) i could buy an external pcie ill look around later. once i can verify the drive works any tips on how to find the files i need. pics and docs only
  2. I have a mac airbook with a dead MB I need to gets some docs and pics off the drive. Any tips or help please Can i use a boot disk in another computer? Can i hook up the mac drive to a linux PC and explore the drive like in windows? Other options?
  3. just for fun

    suse 13.2 dave@linux-pgk0:~> uname -r 3.16.7-35-desktop
  4. Is this a problem?

    This log popped up on my PC sometime the last few days. Just checking if its harmless.. I hope it came from an update but not sure. Its way to long to post the whole thing. here is a few lines. i saved the log in case i need to post the whole thing. 2010-03-21 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au> * gtkextra-2.0.spec.in : new source location 2010-03-21 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au> * gtkextra-2.0.spec.in : update using fedora version as model * configure.in : set backward compatibility 2010-03-13 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au> * gtkextra/Makefile.win32 : Borut Razem version * gtkextra/gtkitementry.c : fix core dump * gtkextra/gtkplotbox.c : remove GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED test * autoegen.sh : select gtk-doc so "make dist" will work 2010-03-13 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au> * configure.in : link with math lib, bump release number * gtkextra/gtksheet.c : fix issue deleting row allow creation 0 rows and columns (bug 1582628) * gtkextra/gtkitementry.c : fixes crash with gtk2-2.18 (bug 2917962) * docs/reference/gtkextra-sheet.html : fix doc error (bug 2831257) 2010-03-12 Roy Rankin <rrankin AT ihug DOT com DOT au> * gtkextra/gtkitementry.c gtkextra/gtkitementry.h - Allow to compile with gtk2-2.17 2006-05-15 Jacek Sieka jsieka at memphite.se , from Memphite AB * Fixed memory leak in gtk_plot_canvas_destroy * Fixed font names for Windows in gtkpsfont.c 2005-09-19 Stefan Kost <ensonic@users.sf.net> * gtkextra/gtksheet.c: (gtk_sheet_range_get_type), (gtk_sheet_class_init): example inline docs 2005-09-19 Stefan Kost <ensonic@users.sf.net> * .cvsignore: * autogen.sh: * configure.in: * docs/Makefile.am: * docs/reference/Makefile.am: * docs/reference/gtkextra-docs.sgml: * docs/reference/gtkextra-sections.txt: * docs/reference/gtkextra.types: * gtkextra/gtkextrafeatures.h: * gtkextra/gtkextratypebuiltins.h: added gtk-doc api doc generation 2005-5-17 Adrian Feiguin * Port to gtk+-2 * So many changes, it's hard to keep track of: - GtkArgs - widgetization of canvas items - dozens of fixes and improvements 2002-5-21 Patches by Michael S. Noble (mnoble@space.mit.edu) * gtkplotcanvas.c: Support the creation of polygon children, via gtk_plot_canvas_put_polygon() gtk_plot_canvas_polygon_set_attributes() These mirror similar functions for rectangles and ellipses, and so require points in canvas-space (not pixel- or data-space), only more of them. The draw child code will automatically scale/move/etc the polygons when required. * The following functions were also added to gtkplotcanvas.c gtk_plot_canvas_child_get_position() gtk_plot_canvas_get_active_item_data() gtk_plot_canvas_get_active_item_type() to permit language bindings to query the "current/active item" on the canvas, without referencing canvas/child struct internals.
  5. Dual fans on cpu cooler

    I put 2 artic f12's on the cooler, they were spining at 950 rpm - idle 30c I used ASUS Suite 3 and turned the fan rpm up to 1340 and went from idle 30c to 23c so far i just have a wide open case and no other fans in yet.
  6. Dual fans on cpu cooler

    BH , Is that exhaust fan even necessary. I was going 2 fans and 2 intake instead of exhaust. Your thoughts?
  7. Dual fans on cpu cooler

    Just went thru these 2 and what i get is it just don't matter http://www.overclock.net/t/1199135/hyper-212-testing-push-vs-pull-vs-push-pull-also-horizontal-vs-vertical-positioning http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2684378/push-pull-push-pull-configuration-cooler-master-hyper-212-evo.html
  8. Dual fans on cpu cooler

    Running a hyper 212 evo with 2 fans. 30c idle (guess i was expecting better) AMD A10-7870K Does it matter what the rpm's run for the fan? The intake fan is running 685 and the exhaust is 1015 Should I reverse those fans or do i need to get 2 fans that run same rpm's What would you guys suggest?
  9. a little install help if possible. suse 13.1 kde

    Sorry for delay. NIgsy good call with the chrome error. I wont forget that. I used firefox and one-click install no problem. How do i choose to install the 32 bit version. It appears the one-click installs the 64bit version. When i click the 32 bit version it downloads as rpm file and opens with ark. could not get it to install from there. I'm such a noob! but i like this linux PC alot and i will get better with your help
  10. a little install help if possible. suse 13.1 kde

    Well thanks to you guys I have gotten farther that i ever would have. But so far I can not install the package bruce linked. just goes to text when i click the one-click install, was able to download it as an rpm. So i have to try to figure that one out. looks like im on the right track and also have learned a few things along the way. THANKS AGIAN!!
  11. a little install help if possible. suse 13.1 kde

    This is the free version here. Can you tell me if it installs for you? http://footballguys.com/14download9.php
  12. a little install help if possible. suse 13.1 kde

    I downloaded the linux version, which the author said it should be a one click install. but no joy with that. Might be a problem with my machine though. I tried installing wine and run the windows version but it's just never that easy for me I also couldn't get playonlinux to install properly. So I'm thinking through all my tinkering and screwing things up while learning to use linux i might have maybe done something to my o/s. Pretty important draft tomorrow so I'm just gonna have to borrow a buds windows lappy and go that route. I'll try to fix this up in a few days. Thanks for the quick replies and as always I appreciate your valuable time and input. Edit: here is the error I get when trying to install it with wine Unable to register the DLL/OCX: regsvr32 failed with exit code 0x1.
  13. I have a football draft program to install and am having trouble. could not find anything on the net. program name is "draftdominator" I downloaded it. opened with ark by default, extracted it to downloads. file name is DraftDominator_v4.0g.tar I tried searching yast for draftdominator. any ideas how to install. it has an application/x-executable file in the folder "draftdominator" I just don't know how to run it.
  14. suse 13.1 wifi problem

    well put! i knew it as i was typing Thanks for hanging in there with me! appreciate the help.