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  1. Wow. A 1997 solution to my problem. THANK YOU, NIGSY!
  2. Hi friends, 9 y.o. dell inspiron. When I go to attach a file (usually PDF) to an email, everything is unstable, up to five minutes. Even saving one to hard drive causes problems. I have just updated Adobe. Cheers, Joe
  3. sure... http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25791057
  4. Thank you! I get check marks everywhere. Bottom 41%. Only suggestions are the usual cache clearing.
  5. Dell Inspiron 560 Windows 7 Home Premium 3 GB RAM this has been a great performing computer for years and now it's starting to slow big time. all firewalls have been disabled but i can't run any of your tests. thanks
  6. thanks pc. but more importantly, i want the NEW hard drive to work. i can't get the option i need to partition it since the lappy won't read my cd drive either anymore. is another problem that this 4yo dell inspiron e1505 can't handle an upgrade from 60gb to 250? i can't find anything on the webs that says what the max is. computer will be sold for parts very soon. it's getting on in years.
  7. ok, that was the keyboard cable and it is now connected. the hard drive i had no trouble installing, and now i do indeed pass the dst short test with the new hd. still, i get nothing but a cursor after boot up. i created a bootable cd, but it won't work either.
  8. WHY can't i boot off the windows install CD either. this is kind of making me give up and, gasp, buy a mac. i see when i open the machine i realize i never should have opened the machine. i don't know if it's an ide cable, but it's about 3/4 inch wide and paper thin and it obviously disconnected when i opened the machine. related?
  9. to continue, yes, a PATA doesn't belong in a SATA. so i exchanged it for a SATA. and still, the dell won't recognize it. is the problem not in the drive itself??? i'm... so... confused
  10. i'm even dumber than ever. one, i bought a new hard drive, installed it, and it isn't recognized. is that it's a PATA instead of a SATA? and now i can't get it out of the machine. also, i cannot find a cable that can attach the old HD to a desktop as i try to recover date. the port on the old HD is so tiny. waaaaah. -----
  11. well, ain't i brilliant. my computer doesn't recognize my hard drive, so i can't download these programs to my computer. do i download it to a desktop then hook up my hd as an external drive and work from there?
  12. thanks peeps. i'll give those a try and report back.
  13. i've gotten error message 1000-0146 on the DST short test. this is not good. my hard drive is no longer recognized and i can't run any diagnostics. this is a dell inspiron 1505e. @ 4 years old. there was very little warning to this. the day before it acted weird and malwarebytes found a bunch of trojans and zapped them. it worked fine. the next day i couldn't start windows. so, i'm leaning toward buying a new puter instead of replacing the hard drive. and i'm looking for the best way to extract data, assuming it CAN be extracted. would this be to hook it up to a desktop? what extensions or cords would i need? or should i be providing more info? TIA!
  14. well i'm a complete idiot. this laptop does not support AGP after all, and only a dell part can be put in here, and it's $220! boooo. i'll have to return the one i bought. feh.
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