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  1. Very Nice Tx ,, figured I'd give OC'ing a shot since I haven't done it in about 10 years .. and these new systems took all the fun out of it just click 1 game boost button in the bios (its there in the MSI app too but ya know old school ) ,, there are more settings I can mess with in the bios to over ride the default boost but I figure I'm running corsair vengeance ram its still only rated at 2400mhz ,, will mess with it when I swap it out for some 32gb vengeance RGB kit at 3200mhz but the test is kinda funky wouldn't let me load this one till I deleted the other for the same system but I think this is at 4.7ghz with the hyper 212 … I upgraded my case to the Tt v200 (budget) but its got good air flow so far never got over 60c full on stress testing the CPU for a while I imagine will get better as it the paste thins out ,,, nothing like my old Vapo chill ,, https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26063137&report=Summary i'm going to do a build for my daughter and I think this i5 9600k will go to her ,, I may try for the i9 9900k although I really don't know why as this chip seems great
  2. "if this needs to be moved plz feel free " I'm not sure what's up with the pcpitstop tests it certainly is a challenge but I've gotten a few tests to complete and am able to post but this is my recent build I was on a budget and started just upgrading my 12 yr old ABIT IX38 GT from the old pcpitstop forum wars days yeah I know most of you are going wth is abit anyway just wanted to upgrade cause my 4k dash cam videos wouldn't play with my dual 8800GTXs in SLI so I started with a newer budget video card then did a M.2 Samsung EVO plus using a PCIe x4 adapter worked great but wouldn't boot from it so here I am now again I went on a budget (for the most part) MSI board I5 9600k with evo hyper 212, corsair 16gb ram, and added a 2nd EVO plus 970 for raid 0 … I have a 3rd but its on the riser that I have been in and out with but may use in another build for my daughter https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062999&report=Summary and this is my old laptop with a few upgrades https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062665&report=Summary as for the tests they are very hit and miss at being able to get them to complete if interested I'll post my steps on getting there
  3. just got my new build to complete https://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26062999&report=Summary im not sure if this will help or just a coincidence but I run explorer as admin , I temp turned off pop up blocker and ran the test and got the same message about 20 min blah blah but I waited aprox 2 minutes and clicked the link to reload previous tests ,,, says they may not be there after 20 min tho so don't expect to reload a test from the day before hope this helps but again If I fig what to do i'll repost... but so far its still hit or miss
  4. been a while since i did this but this was my work pc till recently now just use my laptop
  5. woohoo im back thx guys yeah my transformer prime was a beast to root cause i did an update that i shouldnt have done then had to roll firmware back using ADBdebugging but once i did althat its been all custom rom from then on and rock solid
  6. its good to see you to Caintry i know that some time at 5.2ghz and still flawless couple years later on daily use that QX is a solid chip
  7. my ears were ringing and something sent me here ... hey i still pop in once in a while to see whats goin on ... have an old dell at home and almost enuf parts to build a decent dual core for my new wife ... but all i have for my self is my old Abit IX38 Quad GT with a QX9650 on air 6 gigs DDR2 and an old 8800GTX ... my PSU is still hangin on too ... but @ 1600w it should LOL ... and about the only thing i OC rt now is my Cell phones lol
  8. may be the reader , I'd try a SD adapter for the usb port i use it for multiple phones fairly inexpensive
  9. do both PC's have the same internet connection/speed ? you can also run a pit test on both to check internet bandwidth additionally one PC may have more stuff running in the background creating an additional load and again i recommend a pit test for a peak
  10. try downloading the latest driver from AMD site for your 790FX chipset with a known good floppy
  11. might want to give a different virus program a try AVG works great ... I'd recommend booting in safe mode to run your scans
  12. Yes its true ... you 2 guys Won a prize drawing check it out Here .. and Congrats
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