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  1. Thanks to all who have responded. Turns out that, yes, it was her network card. She was on her own network with laptop the whole time. Thank u!
  2. Could it be the network card even if the lights are on and it doesn't show a problem in Device Manager?
  3. AT&T just won't help her with it to troubleshoot it over the phone, but her wireless laptop can get online like normal.
  4. My sister's router and modem (and two tv's) bit the dust in a storm 2 days ago (all on surge protectors) outside Chicago. She bought the Motorola 2247-N8 DSL WiFi Gateway as replacement. It connected to the wireless laptop successfully, but not the wired desktop. It's a Gateway with Windows Vista. AT&T won't help cuz it's not their supported modem, Motorola won't help cuz their product connected to the wireless laptop, I don't know what else to try from 1,000 miles away, and I know someone out there can tell us what setting or something in Windows might need to be changed! Help! Something weird (and I'm risking sounding dumb here cuz I cannot remember my two networking classes from over ten years ago)... when she typed ipconfig /release in DOS, it said "The requested operation requires elevation" so I'm not sure if her computer totally survived the lightning. Lights on computer by ethernet jack are solid green and solid amber and no errors show on Device Manager.
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