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  1. Laptop shutting down at power on

    HP pavilion 6 with ac and battery not internal. I cleared cache by holding power button for a min. Did not work. Reseated memory and still NG. It starts bot only for a second.I
  2. My laptop when I try to turn it on starts up, you see the NO logo, and it immediately shuts off.
  3. I cannot find paper anywhere in the printer to be causing the jams. The problem started after I tried to print an envelope, which jammed. Now it continually jams upon trying to enter the print cartridge. It does this even on a manual paper feed. Any ideas please. Additionally this is what the manual says, and if there is a work around for this, I'd like to know as the estimate just to look at it was $100 and I don't know if it is worth it. The manual says if all the light light up a service call is needed.
  4. On the task bar of my laptop there is a gizmo which shows the charging of the laptop. And recently it started saying "92% available, plugged in and not charging. I took the battery out and reinserted it and things were charging OK. Now it's back to giving me the plugged in and not charging. What could this mean?
  5. Noisy Fan

    I thought it was probably dust. How do I clean it out if I can't open the case? It's an HP Pavilion g6 laptop.
  6. Noisy Fan

    All of a sudden my HP laptop is having a lot of fan noise. It's rather annoying. I tried to take the case off to see if I can find out why it's making noise, but I couldn't figure out how to get it off. Removed screws but it doesn't come apart. Laptop is not that old. Any suggestions?
  7. Screen Flicker

    sounds like the screen then...cause it does work with external monitor
  8. Screen Flicker

    Did anyone read my last post to this problem. Any ideas?
  9. Screen Flicker

    Well, the screen finally went totally black. I tried another inverter yesterday and the screen came on for a moment but it had lines thru it and eventually went black again. Kind of frustrating cause I was hoping to save it.
  10. Screen Flicker

    Well, it works find when hooked to an external monitor, so it's either a wire or bad screen.
  11. Screen Flicker

    This doesn't sound like the same thing. It's almost like an interference. It's hard to describe what it's doing. It's constant. For a couple of seconds the screen is still then it gets a real mad flicker going on. It's almost like it's timed.
  12. Screen Flicker

    His computer is a dv6700 model HP Pavilion (product 6928us).
  13. Screen Flicker

    ok...Where do we find the video driver?we are running windows 7 The flicker is so bad that it's very hard to navigate the screen
  14. Screen Flicker

    the refresh rate is 60...now what?