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  1. new sd card work fine the first time.... now it keeps saying write protect and yes the lock on the side is off... it works on other laptops no problem ... i tried to the regedit edit that i found on google and the card works once after doing it and then goes back to saying write protect..... any ideas?
  2. ok so ive had to reinstall windows 7... having some new issues that i will post in the right forum... but thanks to all who have helped ... cheers
  3. last question.... it was originally a win vista with the win 7 update do i have to do vista or can i use the key for win 7
  4. is there a way to get/make win cd and use the keycode under the laptop
  5. ok guys ... im starting to thing that its a corrupt explorer.exe .... when i go to task manager and kill explorer.exe and go new task and and readd it.... the start menu pops up for a split second and disappears again.. any ideas?....
  6. how do i get it to run from a usb drive from cmd? and ya i pressed the windows key
  7. so i was able to create a new user and login to it.... says preparing your desktop.... desktop loads up with the standard windows wallpaper and thats it... no start button no icons just a wallpaper ... when i do atl ctrl del and open task manager, o applications are loaded in there
  8. well i really havent done anything... this is the way i got the laptop to fix and i dont have a win 7 cd
  9. so now i tried this...... Open CMD Write powershell -Command "Start-Process cmd -Verb RunAs" and press Enter A pop-up window will appear asking to open a CMD as administrator then i created a new user... and it worked but then i click on the new user it says ... the group client service failed the logon
  10. ok i found how to do that.... net user (name) /add and that says : system error 5 has occurred
  11. is there a way to create a new user from cmd?
  12. says theres no image found
  13. says invalid syntax value expected for /pid if i do taskkill /c /pid ......... says invalid agrument
  14. i cant get to start?
  15. when i have the task manager open and go to services i tried to end slimservice it says access is denied
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