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  1. i have MACPRO with 10.4.9 TIger 3.0 GHz i also have A Printer HP p2015 Laserjet (USB) whenever i print any file, text or image, it's very slow takes very long time, but when i reboot to WINXP same file prints in seconds! with MAC takes minutes to print! printer driver is installed, on both MAC and WINXP. am i missing something, does anyone has the same problem!? Please help
  2. first of all my winxp pro CD won't work, i can read it with my cd rom, anyway, i downloaded winxp pro from the net, and burned it on a CD. i'm trying now to make a bootable cd with winxp+sp2 i ocfourse integrated both with the 'update' command. i went to this site for help, on how to make a bootable CD , i have nero 7 http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1626&page=4 i can't find 'Microsoft Corporation.IMG' on the new copy that i downloaded!
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