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  1. Crazy Browser uses the Internet Explorer engine to render pages. Hence Optons shows Internet Options which are the same as IE's and Advanced Options which deal with the Tabbed Interface mainly, but includes Proxy, Translation (foreign languages) and Pop Up Blocker settings too. Under Tools > there is a simple tick spot for Default Browser with the alternate of Internet Explorer (similar to selecting Toolbar visibility in the View menu.) On Access and Defaults only the Custom option to use the My Current Browser as Default is available, but the only ones listed are Firefox and Netscape (though I keep several others installed like Opera, Avant, and Amaya [more of a developement tool than browser]) and I'd tried that. No joy. The BOINC manager will recognize Firefox or Opera if set as Default browser systemwide, but resetting those is a royal PITA compared to toggling between IE and Crazy. Sorry for taking so long to get back to the board.
  2. Curiouser and curiouser ... but maybe a clue of some sort. BOINC still opened IE (rather my default browser of choice) but from the Predictor site a new window was able to open. It looks like that part of the problem is fixed, but I haven't a clue as to why. :crash:
  3. Okay I'm old, I'm cranky and I don't have an armful of computer science degrees. Change is inevitable in life, so kicking and screaming I moved over to BOINC about 10 days ago. It wasn't as bad as I expected (in fact, I'll admit grudgingly I like some of the features.) So much so I joined Einstein (and Rosetta and Predictor this week.) But I got a problem. Two actually but I hope someone can help with the IE one. BOINC the manager interface opens pages in IE (which isn't my default browser. I like the tabbed interface of Crazy Browser which uses the IE engine -- sue me.) Almost every other program I use which opens a browser window recognizes my preference with no problem. The suggestions on the various boards and the incredible slow to load Wiki don't work. I can set Firefox or Opera as my default browser and BOINC opens them, but I don't want to use them as my default browser. If that were all, I could live with it as a minor annoyance. BUT now IE refuses to open a second instance -someone suggested changing the Advance Options to uncheck Reuse Windows to Launch shortcuts -- it didn't work. Something's wrong and I can't figure what. Spybot, AdAware and MS Antispyware can't find anything wrong. :help: Any thoughts or suggestions? The other thing was small and personal and barely worth mentioning. When I was still familiarizing myself with the BOINC interface (with little help from the wiki that wouldn't load) I saw I was getting and reporting WUs very well. As an old newbie I figured it was me and some setting I'd made or failed to make might be the problem. It was the Server and if I knew how to read an interpret the Messages I would have seen it. I got an abrupt response to stop 'micromanaging' it instead. If I were thin skinned or newer, I might well have simply left the project completely. I did attach to Einstein and saw the difference instantly. MORAL Be kinder to newbies or you'll lose members. Now can anyone help me with my IE problem?
  4. It wasn't in hope of a major improvement, but as a gesture of support to the PCPitStop that has done so much for me for free already. (Including these Forums.)
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