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  1. Good luck, Volt, me old china! If you don't return from this mission, well erect a cyber memorial to you d0nut
  2. The one point about Cyber friendships that makes them different from other types of direct contact friendships is that you get to know a person from the inside out. This isn't necessarily a good thing. However, eventually, I think you can usually get some idea of a person's character from their general manner of posting. Unpleasant people pretending to be something they are not, will usually show their true nature sooner or later. I have seen it happen in my case, where I have observed something in a post that has made me change my opinion of someone completely. Could be anything, maybe inappropriate language, a snide remark, or something that shows a lack of integrity. I know, deep down, that that sort of person is not someone I would normally choose as a friend. I just phase them out at that point. As for not knowing what we look like, a visit to No Mercy's picture gallery at should help. By the way, we could do with a few more photos up there. (Hint to Volt ) Regards to all. d0nut
  3. As probably one of the oldest on this forum, (no, I'm not telling!) I suppose I could go anytime. Of course, if I fell seriously ill I could arrange for the gang to know. Getting hit by an express train would throw a slightly different light on things Don't forget: Death is Nature's way of telling us to slow down
  4. A voltage drop usually indicates that the component involved is drawing more current..........Ohm's Law d0nut
  5. The usual taciturn Volt I've sent my opinion off d0nut
  6. Take a look at the Pitstop Gallery hosted by No Mercy Hopefully, there will be more pics up eventually. d0nut
  7. Er...............how do I know if it's not working?
  8. Likewise. Just downloaded and installed. No problems. Thanks for the link. d0nut
  9. Bet you wish you never started this thread, Whitecloud
  10. That's curious. It's normally a straight-forward download
  11. Newdles. Thanks for the Ultimate Boot Disk info. Downloaded it. Looks pretty good. d0nut
  12. Compared to cable, dial-up is pathetic. It's like having a horse-drawn motorbike I've had ntl broadband for a couple of years now. Unbeatable (most of the time) d0nut
  13. Why on earth would you want to uninstall Diskeeper? I wouldn't be without it. d0nut
  14. Wendy. Go to http://www.winguides.com/tweak/ and download a trial version of Tweak Manager. Allows you to do all sorts of tweaks, including shortcut arrow removal, without having to have a degree in science. Good luck. d0nut
  15. Indy. If you have Diskeeper set for Smart scheduling, it will defrag every time your HD becomes 2% fragmented. This is when the icon appears on your taskbar. Doesn't do any harm. d0nut
  16. Quaz. This may be a long shot, but look in your 'Startup' list (Start/run/msconfig/startup) and see if you have an item SiS khooker. If so, untick the box. I had horrendous problems with this baby, until I deleted it. d0nut
  17. Thanks for the input. Personally, I am quite happy with things as they are, but if I thought it was worthwhile I would pay the extra. d0nut By the way, I notice that email notification of replies is not automatic nowadays
  18. Ax. Does Eudora run alongside Mailwasher?
  19. Anybody any idea as to whether it is worth paying the extra 20 bucks for the Professional upgrade?
  20. Hey, Volt Can't get your snip URL to work d0nut
  21. Successfully installed and used Clone. Many thanks. d0nut
  22. Thanks. Have downloaded Clone. Will let you know later how I get on with it. d0nut
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