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  1. Hi d0nut,


    I think your page looks fine as it is. Seems more trouble than its worth to worry about the one word "Manchester" showing in a particular font. If you particularly wanted this to show in Old English, then, as RammsteinNicCage mentioned earlier, you could create an image for your page header. This way your font would show regardless of whether or not the font was installed on the computers of those viewing the page.


    I think the content is good for the type of family history site that you are creating, my only criticism would be that I don't particularly like the green band you have at the top of each page, but that is just my opinion.


    I wouldn't worry too much about the font, as at the end of the day, with a site like this, the content is more important. As long as it can be easily navigated and read, then I think that matters more.


    Good luck with your site.


    Many thanks for your observations. I'll do something about the band. Not exactly keen on it myself. Still a lot of work to do on the site. Just put it up to get it spidered as soon as possible.

  2. I have downloaded a free hit counter for my website, but it is reading 12000 +. This is the code <!-- start of bbcounter -->


    <!--// bbCounter last modified 08 August 2003.-->

    <!--// Copyright Bacon Buttie 2003. All rights reserved.-->

    <!--// By Bacon Buttie (bbadmin@baconbuttie.co.uk).-->


    <!--// This counter is free to use, don't abuse.-->


    <div align='center' name='bbgcounter' id='bbgcounter'><a href='http://www.baconbuttie.co.uk/' target='_blank'>

    <img src='http://tools.baconbuttie.co.uk/bbgcounter.asp?t=10&lid=40&u=0' border='0'></a></div>

    <!-- end of bbcounter -->


    How can I reset it?



  3. the problem is.. I CAN'T install an antivirus.. and if I did.. I wouldn't be able to run it.. without the PC freezing...


    I have been able to get to about 25 proccesses now.. from 40.. by end tasking them...


    I also seem to have 7 svchost.exe running..


    Read this http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/...vchost.exe.html on svchost, particularly the comments in Kommentare über svchost.exe.

    Might be of interest. Sorry I can't help you further.

  4. I have attempted to run my old version of TSP (US Gold) on my PC, but the board does not show up. All I get is the green background. It runs OK with Win. 98. In an attempt to overcome the problem, I purchased Scrabble 2005 but it turned out to be a load of rubbish. All bells and whistles, and very little Scrabble.

    Is there any adjustment that I can carry out on my PC to make my old programme run?

    Thanks in advance.


    PS Does anyone know if there is a decent updated edition of Scrabble available? I can't locate one.

  5. Wow! I was just going to post about the same pop-up, except in my case the wording is slightly different. In general:


    Messenger Services.

    Message from Windows to error.

    Stop! Windows requires immediate attention.

    To fix the 76 errors , please do the following:

    Download Registry Repair from WWW. win-repair.com

    Failure to act now will lead to data loss and corruption.


    Hope Bruce's cure works on XP Professional :)

    I'll let you know.

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