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  1. I have read that using frames in web page design is not always a good idea. I use tables, but is this the same thing?
  2. I always use Spamcon addresses these days. Never have any problems with bots. They do a free, limited version which gives you use of about 5 addresses, I think.
  3. Thanks, Cowboy. Guess I'll try to live with it.
  4. Many thanks for your observations. I'll do something about the band. Not exactly keen on it myself. Still a lot of work to do on the site. Just put it up to get it spidered as soon as possible.
  5. Thanks for all the input. Here is the link http://www.ericrowland.co.uk/index.html The word Manchester should be in Old English. The computer which I checked on was at work, so maybe the problem is not as bad as I thought. If one or two of you could check it out for me, I would appreciate it. I am just re-hashing the site, so not too much criticism, please.
  6. I have used an Old English Text font on my index page, but find that the font is not installed on many PCs and cannot be seen by some users. How do I upload the font to the server?
  7. Go for NVU for webpage building. Easy to use and results are good. I upload with Cute FTP, though. Best of both worlds.
  8. Thanks for all the input and suggestions, folks. And sorry about the delay in replying. I have now installed a fresh counter which seems to be OK.
  9. I have downloaded a free hit counter for my website, but it is reading 12000 +. This is the code <!-- start of bbcounter --> <!--//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////--> <!--// bbCounter last modified 08 August 2003.--> <!--// Copyright Bacon Buttie 2003. All rights reserved.--> <!--// By Bacon Buttie (bbadmin@baconbuttie.co.uk).--> <!--//--> <!--// This counter is free to use, don't abuse.--> <!--///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////--> <div align='center' name='bbgcounter' id='bbgcounter'><a href='http://www.baconbuttie.co.uk/' target='_blank'> <img src='http://tools.baconbuttie.co.uk/bbgcounter.asp?t=10&lid=40&u=0' border='0'></a></div> <!-- end of bbcounter --> How can I reset it? Thanks. d0nut
  10. Read this http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/...vchost.exe.html on svchost, particularly the comments in Kommentare ├╝ber svchost.exe.Might be of interest. Sorry I can't help you further.
  11. You run a tight ship, Mouse.
  12. Thanks, Mouse, (and Joe, for the link). Nice piece of kit.
  13. Great piece of kit! I don't know why, but I have never really liked Acrobat. Just hated having to use it. This programme is great. Many thanks.
  14. Thanks, signman. I'll have a go first thing in the morning. Off to bed, now.
  15. I have attempted to run my old version of TSP (US Gold) on my PC, but the board does not show up. All I get is the green background. It runs OK with Win. 98. In an attempt to overcome the problem, I purchased Scrabble 2005 but it turned out to be a load of rubbish. All bells and whistles, and very little Scrabble. Is there any adjustment that I can carry out on my PC to make my old programme run? Thanks in advance. d0nut PS Does anyone know if there is a decent updated edition of Scrabble available? I can't locate one.
  16. d0nut


    I've tried clicking on the link, but the programme doesn't instal, or at least it doesn't show on my extensions list. Any ideas?
  17. I recently had a problem with my PC running snail-slow. Nearly tore out my hair. Then I ran CW Shredder (I had forgotten all about it) and lo! and behold! I had the CW trojan. Boy, does it slow down your system. Shredded it, and all's well again.
  18. I've been using Roxio Studio 5 for a couple of years, now, and I love it. Very versatile. with cloning, cropping, resizing, file name changing and much more.
  19. Just ran Spybot S & D and it came up with MarketEngines. Can anyone tell me what this programme is or does? Thanks. d0nut
  20. My sentiments, as well, Volt d0nut
  21. Well, went through the process. Many thanks, Bruce. And, of course, Yallways, for opening up the subject.
  22. Wow! I was just going to post about the same pop-up, except in my case the wording is slightly different. In general: Messenger Services. Message from Windows to error. Stop! Windows requires immediate attention. To fix the 76 errors , please do the following: Download Registry Repair from WWW. win-repair.com Failure to act now will lead to data loss and corruption. Hope Bruce's cure works on XP Professional I'll let you know.
  23. In answer to my post, yes, S and D shredder does shred docs. Click on Mode Advanced Mode Tools Secure Shredder Be careful how you use it. Shredded documents cannot be recovered!
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