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    Hi! I've now got Opensuse 10.3, and guess what? Firefox is crashing, the last time twice in about 3 minutes. I'm running on Windows at the moment, until I can find a solution. Otherwise, 10.3's great.
  2. Hello, Brijoe, and welcome aboard the good ship Pitstop You could download Kompozer from http://www.nvu.com/index.php It's a free web-authoring program with a good support forum. A wysiwyg program. No HTML knowledge required. I built my site with it, and I am certainly no expert. Good luck. d0nut
  3. d0nut

    OpenSuSE 10.3

    Thanks for the advice, dooglo and bg. d0nut
  4. d0nut

    OpenSuSE 10.3

    Will installation involve uninstalling 10.2 and reinstalling? If so, how do I uninstall 10.2? Also, will I have to back up all my other stuff? Thanks. d0nut (Newbie Linux user)
  5. Well, by a stroke of good fortune I stumbled on the answer in a forum. For the username type in 'root' followed by the password which I had already put in during the installation. Thanks, everyone.
  6. Wow! This seems to be a major problem http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/sh...ad.php?t=520581 Anyone got the answer?
  7. Well, thanks to Bruce, Kram et al, I am finally up and running. Just one problem. The screen now asks me for a username and password. I know I put in a password during installation, but certainly not a username. How do I get round this?
  8. Thanks, Kram. Yes, I can use the whole drive. It's 40 gig.Edit: Just looked at the disk properties and it now shows only 15 gig capacity?
  9. Bruce. When I get to that stage, this is what I see. Partitioning Create swap partition/dev/hdb7 (745.2MB) Create root partition /dev/hdb8(8.3GB) with ext3 Create partition /devhdb9(12.2GB0 for /home with ext3 Set mount point of /dev/hda1 to /windows/D Set mount point of /dev/hdb1 to /windows/D The options when I click on the Partitioning link are: Accept proposal Base partition setup on this proposal Create custom partition setup Create LVM Based proposal. Thanks for your patience. d0nut
  10. Bruce. Can't see anything that looks like an option to format the drive. Maybe I don't read the language.
  11. OK. Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. More help needed. What do I use to boot up in order to do a Format:D on my drive? Thanks again. d0nut
  13. Just got back from walking my dog. Thanks, Bruce. Re-format, here we come!
  14. Well, just had an error report and aborted the installation. Should I reformat the HD? There are a few files on there which I could remove and reinstall on my C drive. Sorry to be a pain. d0nut
  15. Sorry, Bruce. It does. Say HDb, my spare drive.
  16. Thanks, Bruce. It says, "The partition setup displayed is for your hard drive." It doesn't say which HD.
  17. Help! I have begun installing and now have a screen with a list of settings. The first one is in RED "Shrink Windows partition/dev/hdb1 to 14.5 GB. What should I do? Change or accept?
  18. Talk about a quick response! Thanks, Bruce.
  19. I am about to install Opensuse 10.2 on my desktop PC, but I am in a bit of a quandary. I have two hard drives, and would like to install Opensuse on my second HD. How do I go about this? I don't want to start installation before I am fully prepared. Are there any benefits or snags using a separate HD? I am currently running Windows XP pro. Thanks. d0nut
  20. I am using it on my Acer without problems. Just don't use High Power when running direct from the battery. With a PSU, it's fine.
  21. OK. Seem to have found the answer http://forums.techguy.org/networking/46151...red-router.html Can now surf OK
  22. Stormy. Great guide, but have you any idea where I could pick up the Installation Wizard CD? Preferably a source in the UK. Linksys recommend using the CD, and I'm new to this side of computing. Thanks. d0nut
  23. Thanks EK. I haven't seen a router before, let alone used one. The model is BEFSR41 ver. 3.1. I haven't done anything except plug it in. All new territory to me. d0nut
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