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  1. Or California can get its head out of its when it comes to gun laws
  2. They just need to sell it with a smaller capacity mag and it would be fine. Last I checked they didnt.
  3. its not about the money Its about the legality of the gun in Kalifornia
  4. errrr I dont have hosting anymore
  5. I like shooting the XD better than the Gl but I agree with chop, a shotgun is probably best. Also, your better off paying a smidgen more with the local guy than getting it somewhere else.
  6. just ignore ie6, all it will do is put a gray box around the png...lol Or you could do a browser check and provide a static background with the box to ie6 users and use a png or alter the opacity for the element.
  7. cant get my cell card to work in the laptop...grrr
  8. a lot of webhosts have free templates, also if you do a quick search you will find some html/css templates that are free.
  9. I have a few domains running on the same server but I want to limit access to them by ip range, I know I can do something like this in the htaccess file Allow from something like to grab an entire block but I can forward them to another page if its not in that range? So redirect "request" "new page" ? Is this the right way to go about doing this?
  10. damn it I would have ran this on the pc I just built for my brother if I knew it existed, maybe Ill push the laptop through and see what it does
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