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  1. In my opionion it is the persons choice whether they want to smoke or not. My mum and dad both smoke and my dad has tried to stop. He managed a year but sadly went back to them. I am 15 and like most teenagers have tried smoking and ya know it wasnt that bad. I used to preach to my mum and dad that it was bad for you but so is drinking and alot of other stuff and you know life is too short. You are not meannt to slowly crawl into the grave peacefully you should come skidding in from the side shouting holy what a ride.
  2. They were too busy drinking tea. And they had mel gibson duh.
  3. Is that not a bit like a Dictatorship. Whatever the 'leader' thinks is right is right?
  4. Ifb you are an american and you want some cuban Cigars then apparently if you pop over to canada you can get them pretty damn easily
  5. Thats another thing added to the lottery wining basket
  6. Kris

    Damn You

    Soz i deleted my post
  7. Ps2 all the way. Unless you are planning to build an extension to fit the xbox into . San andreas and gran turismo4. I rest my case
  8. Im sad if nellie goes. Northy well it happens but you did a job just a bit harsh at times Although he does have an extremely beautiful dog
  9. Nellie2 is a dead on ladie. All the moderators except a certain northaperson and an ex. mod are dead on. I havent spoke to craig that much but seems ok... But that one mod has caused me a great deal of annoyance. And i am easy going . They basically caused my forum to fold( is still up but is goin down down down wowowo (sorry got carried away) ) I am still pretty at this and would love to be able to do the same to their forum. I do not want to fal out with anyone on WF but northaperson get a life. I am going to be asking all my computer questions here from now on... I SEE THE LIGHT lol
  10. Kris


    If u use a gun then the whole troop of the buggers will be ontop of you faster than a cat moves with a dog chasing it. But if you use a rock it is quiet
  11. Kris


    I have sorta swayed a bit. I think the owner of the gun should have to go through a decently long course and should have to be proven safe with a gun. Oh and the owner must have a genuine need for having a gun
  12. Kris


    Technically they didnt hear the bang
  13. Kris


    You havent been placed under arrest but owning a gun the likelyhood of it happening is alot higher you know with accidents and stuff
  14. Kris


    Doc you say it is your right to own a gun. it is also your right to remain silent and you dont seem to exercise that. You say about how 82% or something of murders is not gun related drop the guns and murders go down by 18%. :mrsgreen: i realy dont understand
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