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  1. stuck

    thanks for your help mate do you think a HAMMER will fix it??
  2. stuck

    tried that and still no joy
  3. stuck

    tried what nigsy said and it only changed the password on my wifes other devices so still locked out of the other one and yes i did try the new password.
  4. stuck

    will this affect my other devices passwords etc??
  5. stuck

    my wife has an Ipod air and we are stuck on the screen on picture three one on the right we have forgotten BOTH the apple id and the password is there anything we can do to fix this problem???
  6. removed itunes

    Solved had to uninstall the old itunes library itr file and just install a new itunes thanks for your responce
  7. removed itunes

    help i removed itunes with REVO Uninstaller 2.0.3 and the reinstalled it 64bit however after reinstaller i get the message the file Itunes library itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes HELP DO I ALSO NEED TO DELETE THE FOLLOWING APPLE APPLICATION SUPPORT 32 BIT APPLE APPLICATION SUPPORT 64 BIT APPLE SOFTWARE UPDATE APPLE MOBILE DEVICE
  8. Facebook

    so im not hacked then ??
  9. Facebook

    i do but i have turned it off and i am now in · Lahore, Pakistan
  10. Facebook

    till the same
  11. Facebook

    yes it is will try your solution thanks
  12. Facebook

    why does Facebook tell me i am in Windows PC · Srinagar, India 2 days ago it told me i was in Saudi Arabia so i changed my password Question Am i Hacked??
  13. restore music purchases

    easy as that cheers mate
  14. restore music purchases

    i have found the Album on windows Media Player how or can i transfer it to apple??
  15. restore music purchases