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  1. removed itunes

    Solved had to uninstall the old itunes library itr file and just install a new itunes thanks for your responce
  2. removed itunes

    help i removed itunes with REVO Uninstaller 2.0.3 and the reinstalled it 64bit however after reinstaller i get the message the file Itunes library itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes HELP DO I ALSO NEED TO DELETE THE FOLLOWING APPLE APPLICATION SUPPORT 32 BIT APPLE APPLICATION SUPPORT 64 BIT APPLE SOFTWARE UPDATE APPLE MOBILE DEVICE
  3. Facebook

    so im not hacked then ??
  4. Facebook

    i do but i have turned it off and i am now in ยท Lahore, Pakistan
  5. Facebook

    till the same
  6. Facebook

    yes it is will try your solution thanks
  7. Facebook

    why does Facebook tell me i am in Windows PC ยท Srinagar, India 2 days ago it told me i was in Saudi Arabia so i changed my password Question Am i Hacked??
  8. restore music purchases

    easy as that cheers mate
  9. restore music purchases

    i have found the Album on windows Media Player how or can i transfer it to apple??
  10. restore music purchases

  11. restore music purchases

    i found the album and it says purchased BUT Tap to the right of the title. The song, album, or music video downloads to your device. This symbol is not there
  12. restore music purchases

    How do you restore purchases for music? On an iPhone or iPod touch Open the iTunes Store app. From the menu the bottom of the screen, tap More. Tap Purchased, then tap Music. Tap Not on This iPhone or Not on This iPod. Scroll to find the song that you want to download, then tap it. Tap the Download icon to the right of the title. tried this but no re download button found the album i purchased years ago but all it says is purchased how do i re download it??
  13. Lenovo Tablet

    dont know how it started she said she switched it on and the black screen was there to fix it just keep the volume and on/off buttons pressed
  14. Lenovo Tablet

  15. Lenovo Tablet

    my wife has a Lenovo Tablet however when she switched it on today she had a black screen with the following on Select Boot Mode Volume Up To Select Volume Down OK RECOVERY MODE FASTBOOT MODE NORMAL BOOT It is at the moment in fast boot mode however the buttons do not move the options and we cant turn it off any ideas??